His photographs had captured the soul of his city, Istanbul, its nostalgia, the gently sad his landscapes lost over time by a relentless movement of urban transformation. Wednesday, October 17, Ara Güler died in the city he was born. He was 90 years old. Born August 16, 1928 in an Armenian family in Istanbul, he started his career in 1950 in the newspaper Yeni Istanbul in 1950, and then to the newspaper of reference Hurriyet prior to working for major international media such as Time-Life or Paris Match.

” people call me the photographer of Istanbul. But I am a citizen of the world. A photographer of the world “, a day replicated this close to the Nobel Prize of literature Orhan Pamuk to those who would limit his work to the portrait magistral what he did for his city, for half a century with its scenes in black and white of the daily life of the fishermen on the edge of the Bosphorus to the small traders.

during his career, he has crossed the great names of photography, such as Marc Riboud and Henri Cartier-Bresson and joined the Magnum agency Photos. His work has led the african continent to Afghanistan, but also on the roads of Turkey deep. His photographs have been collected in many books that retain a prominent place in the libraries of the country. A museum dedicated to his work was opened in Istanbul in August. A key Figure of the great city of the shores of the Bosphorus, Mr. Güler could still be seen in recent months at the terrace of the café that bears his name, ” Ara “, in the centre of the city.

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