How to replace a keystone without which the edifice collapses ? This is the perilous equation as the supervisor of the team of France men’s handball, Didier Dinart, must resolve. For the first time since 2003, the Blues will have to compete in a major international competition without their totem, Nikola Karabatic. The half-center PSG Handball has announced, Friday, 19 October, have been successfully operated in the left foot. An intervention that forces the cornerstone of the handball French to forfeit the World cup, which will take place in January in Germany and in Denmark.

” It is hard and very disappointing. It will be the first international competition that I’m going to miss with the Blue and on lands of handball, ” said the player in an interview on the club website. Since its inception under the blue tunics in 2003, Nikola Karabatic has always responded to this, winter – Euro and Global – as well as in summer – the olympic Games. But at 34 years old, in a ” joint decision with the staff’s medical club and of the team of France “, the player had to solve in the operation. “If I had continued to play, I’d be very well able to aggravate my injury and may be forced to put an end to my career. “

“It is a hallux valgus deformity in the left foot and the problems began just before the Global 2017 in France,” says Karabatic. This deformation of the forefoot is highlighted by a tilt of the big toe towards the second, and ” sharp pains, and intense.” Preserved in the training, one who has been elected three times best player of the world (2007, 2014 and 2016) has managed as much as the pain in the course of the past season. “But she worsened during the Final Four [champions League] of Cologne [in may]. I was hoping that it would calm down with rest period during the holidays. But no. “

not be “a burden to the team”

Lasts to the evil, to the star of the handball hexagonal persisted, playing ” limping, with anti-inflammatory treatment and infiltration “. But in order not to jeopardize the end of his career, Nikola Karabatic has consented to the operation, which the off the field four to six months. “I am very sad to miss it [the World], not being able to be alongside my friends and teammates in January. But I would not have been in a state of play, I would have been a burden to the team. “

absence as coach of the Blues, Didier Dinart has learned from the mouth of the player in the beginning of the week. If he “deeply regretted” the absence of its leader, the coach is far from overwhelming. “He himself told me, he must watch the front. “

” Niko the heyday of the France team, and he will continue to do so, said the old “Rock” of the French defence in the World, but this is no longer a young player. And it’s been years that we are up for it. “Since the World 2015, the successor of Claude Onesta has injected a lot of new blood into its workforce. “There are a lot of young people came in, and now the frames are in clubs and in selection. “

Reverse the game “classic” Blues

And Didier Dinart has he ever had the time to test a system to compensate for the absence of his former teammate. “It has always been in the search of thinking of tomorrow, in recent years, said the coach. We managed the household, in an effort to renew the team. It was used in the key moments and decisive. “

a Rich contingent of top-flight full-back-right, the breeder plans to reverse the “classic” game of the France team. “Before, we had Narcisse and Karabatic, who played from the left to the right,” he says. Today, with so many left-handers, we are going to try to change the face of our game. Between Valentine’s day Bears, Adrien Dipanda, Nedim Remili or Dika Mem, we can play in the other direction. “

for A revolution in the proper sense – of the play of the Blue that he has a little more than two months to fine-tune. In thinking ahead to the Tokyo olympic Games, to which the first seven of the World will be qualified. “It is necessary to anticipate, pounds Dinart. As the team of France will still exist after Didier Dinart and after Nikola Karabatic. “To be Absent from the World of 2019, the number 13 out of the Blue means well, however, be present in Japan, or even beyond.

No Euro in France for the guardian of the Blue

The team of France men’s handball is not the only one suffering from the law of injuries. His counterpart, female, sacred champion of the world in the past year, will move from its keeper holder, Cléopâtre Darleux, for the Euro at home, which will take place from 29 November to 16 December.

Injured a ligament in the right knee at a meeting of championship Saturday, the best player of last season, will be away from land for at least two months. A hard kick to the teammates of the captain Siraba Dembélé.


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