in Front of petrol stations and shops throughout the country were formed long queues. But because again no one had the right Numbers, it was swollen, the Jackpot is now at $ 1.6 billion. Now it has been re-drawn and one player actually had the right Numbers on his lottery ticket records: The lucky Tipper has therefore painted the world’s highest prize in lottery history.

these are the winning numbers: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 – 5

There is at least one winner after the draw on Tuesday evening (local time). US media reported, citing the lottery authorities in the state of South Carolina, there is a winning ticket had been sold.

Interesting: Non-U.S. citizens were able to participate in the draw.

how to play US lottery from Germany

Currently, the record of a 53-year-old U.S. citizen from Massachusetts who won last year in the Powerball lottery 758,7 million dollars. In 2016, the Powerball Jackpot had exceeded the one billion mark. At the time, three Lotto players from California, Florida and Tennessee had to share, but the profit total of 1.58 billion dollars.

1.6 billion dollars in a Jackpot lottery win can be paid in Installments

The Mega Millions lottery was launched in 2002. Due to several rule changes, the chances of winning, which led to higher Jackpots declined since then.

Who will secure the main prize, you can pay off the sum in 30-year rates or significant discounts immediately on his account. The winner on Tuesday would be paid according to the Mega Millions almost 905 million dollars, but before taxes.

lottery players in the USA have to pay at the Federal level, taxes on your profit. In addition, some States require additional payments to the Treasury.

In the Huffington Post a man makes in the pocket of his old shirt to a Fund – he is a 20 million Euro value jmü/with AFP


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