Hollywood Star George Clooney (57) has called because of the introduction of the death penalty for homosexuals in the South-East Asian small country of Brunei for a Boycott of luxury hotels owned by the ruling Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah.

In a guest column for the film portal “Deadline.com” listed the Oscar-winner nine luxury hostels in England, France, Italy, and California, owned by the Brunei Investment Agency – including the posh Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

As the middle ages, stoning of Homosexuals, Hand and leg cut off: Brunei leads to cruel punishments DPA

With every visit to this hotel, you would help to Finance the murder of innocent people, warned Clooney. The Star referred to the forthcoming tightening of the Sharia criminal law in the Sultanate. If you have homosexual Sex with each other, threatening them by 3. In April, she will be stoned to death like in the middle ages to death. So far sexual relations for up to ten years ‘ imprisonment on homosexuals.

George Clooney rose unknowingly in these Hotels

The Sultan one of the richest men in the world, Clooney writes. Murderous Regime, it could hardly change, but you could make banks, and companies that do business with you, to the pillory. Clooney admitted at the same time, that he himself may have unknowingly made without his “homework” – in some of these luxury hotels is staying.

The actor referred to a previous celebrity Boycott with the support of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, as Brunei had tightened in 2014, penalties for Gays and lesbians. At the time, events, and receptions had been in the affected Hotels in Los Angeles to Protest cancelled.

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