Nina Eichinger for the environment

©imago/Sven Simon

The keywords “Zero Waste” and “Fridays for Future” are no foreign words for presenter Nina Eichinger (37). The daughter of the late film Director Bernd Eichinger (1949-2011), both professionally and privately to make the world a better place. In an Interview with the magazine “Gala” she told now: “I am vegan. Nutrition is very important to me, because I pay attention to regional products.”

in addition, you make sure to produce in everyday life as little waste as possible: “I collect every day a good boy my trash. I try, in the supermarket without packaging buy. And I’ll save every day when Walking cigarette butts. I firmly believe that you can change his attitude much.” To her, it is important “to be other people, living beings and nature in a respectful and mindful way”.

her son is a vegetarian.

These aspects would also be included in the education of their two-year-old son with. “I’m trying to get him involved, explain to him that you are on animals eight. I don’t want him crushed fly, bring him, are all living beings,” says Eichinger. Also on the diet of your child, you pay a lot of attention: “at the moment, he is a vegetarian. Let’s see, for how long, whether the changes in the Kindergarten or in school, if he gets meat. Maybe he finds it super tasty? I can force nothing to him.”



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