The Ministry of Defence has ordered the immediate suspension of a physical test called “test drive” after that, last week, a soldier died at the base of Sant Climent Sescebes (Lleida), and three people ended up hospitalised in Ceuta after it is made. This test, of great hardness, and, on an annual basis, consists of a march of 10 km with all the equipment and weapons (about 20 kilos) in a maximum time of about 90 minutes. As the score has a collective nature, it stimulates the rivalry between units, and some of the bosses are pressed to the soldiers with the worst physical shape in order to avoid that its more individual time, lower the joint note.


Stranded a vessel of the Navy which is involved in the tasks of search of the plane crash in The Sleeve

The director general Recruiting and Military Education, Amparo Valcarce, has ordered that it performs “an in-depth study” of the test unit to “proceed to a full upgrade of its content and of the requirements to carry it out”. Valcarce provides that, in the meantime, is suspended “with immediate character” this competition military.

on The Saturday he died the soldier in salamanca Javier Holgado, 24 years old and serving in the regiment Arapiles 62, with base in Sant Climent Sescebes (Girona). The military, according to advanced Spanish, collapsed on Thursday after the conclusion of the “test drive” and since it was not recovered.

Just 48 hours earlier, three soldiers of the Cavalry Regiment of Montesa nº3, were evacuated to the hospital of Ceuta after suffering a heart attack while participating in the test and, three years ago, a captain of the same regiment, Sergio Barreda Rocks, he died while doing it.

The Unified Association of Spanish Military (INCREASE) already asked the Sunday the “immediate cessation” of this test in all the Armed Forces, as well as “the investigation of the causes of the high number of deaths and incidents” associated with the same. The association, which has asked the Ministry of Defence all data that you have available, you want to examine whether the test is being carried out “with the security measures provided,” and, in the end, if it is really needed.

For its part, the Professional Association of commissioned officers of the Armed Forces (Asfapro) has demanded the resignation of the deputy secretary of Defense Alejo of the Tower, disregarding the repeated warnings about the high risks of the test and not perform the study physician, who agreed in 2016 in the Staff Council, an advisory body to the Ministry.


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