Imagine, you Park your car in a Parking lot, pull a Ticket for 1.70 Euro, and get a fine of around 335 Euro. Sounds far-fetched? In England, a 55-year-old motorist is happening exactly.

335 Euro fine for three Park ticket

to buy, As the British News site The Sun reports, the man in the English Derby car each day for three days in a private car Park. Every Time he moved even a Parking ticket for around EUR 1.70. You are in England, at the machine, his license plate number.

did the 55-Year-old. As he was used to it from other machines, has entered the man, only the last three characters of his number plate. The time was obviously wrong. Because he later received three letters with penalty claims. Does not want to pay the man the punishment according to The Sun. Therefore, have increased the fine of about 200 Euro to about 335 euros.

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the Parking lot operator Has a View?

He had evidence that he pulled the Parking ticket and paid for it. The Parking operator sees it differently. Because the drivers have only given a part of his mark, didn’t he also paid for the Parking. On this Parking area, motorists have to specify the entire plate.

The 55-Year-old have sent a letter of complaint to the operator. This claims to have a letter. At the end of the man will have to pay, if the operator has no View.

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