Update from 12. January, 2019: The police headquarters lower Franconia reports the all-clear. The girl was found in a well-Known in the area of Babenhausen. The public investigation after the student was finished.

the girls disappeared during the lunch break,

Kleinwallstadt – The missing girl disappeared during the lunch break during a work placement in a company in Kleinwallstadt. The operation of the girl and returned not back to the left. Against 15 o’clock the police was informed about the Disappearance of the schoolgirl.

also read: search with helicopters, have so far been unsuccessful – Where’s Ingeborg?

In Dachau is currently missing the 66-year-old Ingeborg. Also the search with a helicopter, has so far remained inconclusive.

Days missing: police find 13-Year-old – mystery solved

In Ludwigshafen, Germany, has now discovered a Boy who had since Christmas missing. The police has solved the riddle of his mysterious Disappearance now – but questions remain.

man throws himself in front of a snow plow and fixed clawing – the reason

is bold In the way and blade is fixedly attached In Hohenpeißenberg, a man stole a snow plow. The reason is quite brazen. It Merkur.de*

*Merkur.de reported is part of the Federal-wide editorial network of the Ippen-Digital-Central editorial office


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