Is a low-carbohydrate diet now, healthy or not? Sugar really that harmful? You should avoid meat and Oily? And is really healthier, who focuses primarily on grains, fruits and vegetables? Nutrition relates to all the people: Many are looking for tips on how to do it healthier, lower in calories, and perhaps even muscle building. According to good food guide to sell.

but Who goes deeper into the extensive research on what we eat, and it is clear: Many of the studies are contradictory, a consensus among nutrition science makes learning difficult to find. In the current issue of the magazine Science, a great overview of the work (Ludwig et al., 2018). A group of researchers evaluated researchers around the doctor David S. Ludwig, numerous study results of other working groups which had examined the relationship of fat and carbohydrates for a healthy diet would probably be optimal.

Low Fat and High Carb, or High Fat and Low Carb?

The most important result first of all: The formula to anyone can calculate how much Butter should land on the bread and how much legumes on the plate. However, there are some findings on the nutritional research of the Review, according to some. For the following four points there are sound studies, where many subjects were inside and the subjects involved, and the significant results have been delivered:

Who replaced saturated fatty acids by unsaturated fatty acids, lives healthier. This means in concrete terms for the dining plan: Less Butter, coconut oil or animal Lard, and more canola oil or olive oil. Industrially produced TRANS fats, such as fish, some dairy products, Margarines and Fried foods (French fries, fish) and Baked (Donuts, biscuits, Croissants), are harmful and should be avoided. This was, for example, a long-term study, about 40,000 women for eight years was recorded and evaluated, how you lived, whether you moved a lot or smoked. The result: Those with a relatively high consumption of animal, saturated and TRANS-fatty acids had also put on weight (Obesity: Field et al., 2012). Unprocessed carbs worked, as you are stuck in a starch-free vegetables such as Broccoli, green salad, whole fruit, legumes or whole grains are healthier than highly processed carbs such as white bread or sweets. The latter leave the blood sugar levels after eating extremely to rise – a risk factor for type 2 Diabetes. Besides, they saturate for only a short. Who eats a whole-grain bread, has a more stable blood sugar levels and remain fuller for longer (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Venn/man, 2004). Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat Low-Fat

low Fat diet means less fat-containing foods, such as dairy products, sausage and chocolate. High-calorie fat, less in the body and decreases.


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