he Can infect me by Kissing with Syphilis? Can hepatitis a virus be transferred, if I use your toothbrush? What are the HI-virus during oral sex contagious? What is a Femidom? And I need this leak wipes really?

Sex is part of our everyday life. But we are talking enough about it? And, above all, about how we stay safe? The term Safer Sex in the nineties emerged, as the fear of Aids was high, describes precautionary measures. They are intended to reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Only: Are the today, where on the one hand, HIV is treatable, and on the other hand, venereal diseases such as gonorrhea or Syphilis again, still the same as 30 years ago?

1. December 30. Time of the world Aids day. On the occasion of this anniversary, you can send us your questions around the topic of Safer Sex: What are you interested in? There is a question you do not dare to ask their doctor? What are you ashamed to speak? What happened to you that has you confused? What advice do you need? What do you think I have underestimated you for a long time or done wrong? What experience you think you are? We will collect your submissions and to go with selected questions to a consultation for sexual health. You can find the answers at the end of November.

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Please note that it is not a health consulting services in this survey. We can also for capacity reasons, not all of the submitted questions. If you observe in yourself the symptoms, you should consult a doctor or a counselling centre, and for the time being as a precaution, do without Sex. A advice you will find in this database of the Federal centre for health education.


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