Dmitry Yazov: how to fight the last Marshal of the Soviet Union

Biography 26/02/20 Dmitry Yazov: how to fight the last Marshal of the Soviet Union

Dmitri T. Yazov, died 25 February 2022. Until that moment, he remained one of the last of the Soviet military and the only Marshal who was awarded this title in the Soviet Union. Yazov lived a long life, having to catch and the Great Patriotic war.

baptism of fire

Dmitry Timofeyevich Yazov was born in the village Asovo in a simple peasant family in November 1923. The beginning of the great Patriotic war, Yazov was not yet 18 years old, so the front took it immediately. In the words of Marshal, which is given in his book “Our Victory will not give up!”, he often ran to the draft Board, but each time was refused. Finally, in November 1941, Dmitri Timofeyevich was sent to Novosibirsk, where during the war, he moved a part of the Metropolitan infantry school. After the Germans were defeated at Moscow, the students moved to the capital. However, Yazov and then together with his companions were trained under constant bombardment.

In July 1942, the newly minted graduate of the infantry school was sent to the Volkhov front. At the end of August of the same year he received his first wound. The shell went into the swamp and exploded somewhere in the depths. Yazov also threw the blast and hit the ground. It has affected not only one leg but buds that the young soldier simply repulsed, and spine. Wrote Dmitry timofeevicha only at the end of October. He walked back to the Volkhov. Shortly before he killed the company commander, and chief of staff immediately ordered Yazov to take command himself.

the Second half of the war

a Second wound in the face and head, as indicated in the publication “Military doctrines and reforms of Russia in the twentieth century” (Publishing center “Veteran Motherland”, 1997), Dmitry Yazov was in January 1943 in one of the battles for the besieged opponent Leningrad. Injuries received in the result was hit by grenade fragments, was apparently not too serious. At least, the commander thought about what the nurse reassured him: “With that kind of scratch can in the hospital do not call”. However, under medical supervision Yazov turned out to be. At the same time was to break the blockade of Leningrad, Dmitri Timofeyevich received the rank of Lieutenant.

Subsequently, Yazov had the opportunity to participate in operations on the territory of the Baltic States, and also in the Courland blockade of the encircled grouping of German forces. It is worth noting that during the war, Dmitry Yazov was a graduate of front-line refresher courses commanders and commanded a platoon of front-line courses. Win the future Marshal met near Riga. As pointed out in his book “Fathers-commanders” Alexander Lebedintsev, and Yuri Mukhin, for military merit and wounds received Dmitry Timofeevich was awarded the order of the red Star.

the Last Marshal of the Soviet Union

the War was only the beginning of a military career, Dmitri Yazov. After the victory, he graduated from advanced Courses for officers of infantry of the red army and was appointed commander of a rifle company. According to Anatoly Lopata, author of “notes of a chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, in the middle of 1950-ies Yazov became a graduate of the Military Academy named after Frunze was appointed commander of the battalion. In 1961 Dmitri T. took over command of the regiment. At the end of 1980-ies of the General of the army Dmitry Yazov headed the Ministry of defence of the country. The same Marshal Yazov was only in 1990, thanks to what turned out to be the last Soviet military commander to be awarded this title.

As you know, in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. During the August events Yazov supported the putsch and was even part of it. That is according to the order of Dmitry Timofeyevich in Moscow turned out to be tanks. According to Viktor Baranets on the pages of his book “the Lost army: notes of a Colonel of the General staff,” Yazov was taken into custody in the airport VOCOin. 3 years later, Marshall came under the Amnesty. After the liberation Yazov did not quit the military: for several years he headed the Department of the General inspectors of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and took an active part in veterans ‘ movement.

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