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Evacuated from China decided to quarantine in the Tyumen region, this was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. After learning the news, part Tyumentsev left dismayed by this decision, and some openly opposed to it. The inhabitant of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district Christina Vyskrebentseva told Moscow 24 that local just shocked.

We are shocked by this news! What does the Tyumen region more prepared? Who has time to prepare, on what parameters?
Christina Discriminability YANAO

the Woman said that in Tyumen learns a lot of young people from around the Yamal Peninsula and the inhabitants of the district go there for a vacation. “Of course, we fear that there will be the epicenter of the evacuees,” added Christine. She also offered to host the area who arrived from China in Moscow, as there are more qualified doctors, “not to do again from Siberia a place of exile”.

Living in Tyumen Alena Ponomareva also not pleased with the decision to set up a quarantine zone in his hometown.

I do not like the initiative. In my opinion, this increases the degree of tension in the city, and can also be a risk for virus spreading.
Alain Monomaniacally Tyumen

Alena agrees that quarantine somewhere you need to organize, but don’t understand why he was chosen Tyumen oblast, and not closer to the China region. “Why the choice fell on the Tyumen region, I do not understand: there are regions closer to China, or much more advanced in terms of equipment medical equipment and qualified doctors,” – said Alena.

Julia Rusakova, living in the Tyumen region, after learning the news of the area with quarantine, first at all did not believe in it.

thought it was another bad joke about the coronavirus. The thought that my city can make a point to quarantine.
Julia Roscovitine Tyumen region

Julia added that in this case, it is hoped that all measures will be taken to protect the safety of local residents.

Another resident of Tyumen Alexander Kalyuzhny also doubt that Tyumen is equipped with equipment and specialists for the reception of evacuated better than Moscow. “Plus in Moscow air junction better, cheaper then all will be home send. So it would be nice to clarify what exactly our region is the most prepared,” says Alexander. However, he is not afraid of the virus and in General, the decision is easy.

First, the flow of Russians from the city of Wuhan will be sent home on the night of 5 February

the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova has hastened to reassure the inhabitants of the Tyumen region. “I want to say and to reassure all that the citizens who come from Wuhan of Hubei province, is healthy citizens. Our colleagues from China do not release from the territory, from the territory quarantine those who are infected coronavirus infection,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

She explained that Russia is obliged to put citizens under quarantine for two weeks. “Nothing to be afraid of. It’s a perfectly healthy citizens,” she said. Vice Prime Minister noted that the citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries during the quarantine will be provided with all necessary. In addition, if they have chronic illnesses or need medication, they will be provided with the necessary assistance.

the Premise of healthy people in quarantine is a necessary measure. The government of the Tyumen region provided the necessary anti-epidemic measures in accordance with the recommendations of the CPS to the arrival in the region of people from China’s Hubei province. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday, the Governor of Tyumen Alexander Moore.

According to media reports, around rehabilitation center that will host evacuated from China, exhibited two of the perimeter fence. About this informed the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, who arrived Tuesday in Tyumen.

“Having a separate Reabilitation center, there are two perimeter fences, guards exhibited Regardie,” – said Popov in his video posted in the telegram-channel Operational staff of the Tyumen region for the prevention of coronavirus. She noted that in the institution there are conditions for adherence, disinfection chamber. Purchased toy set TV. “All need to live for two weeks,” – said Popov.

To date, the coronavirus has died of 425 people, the number of cases exceeded 20 thousand.

About the first pneumonia cases in China became known in December 2019. The causative agent of the disease was 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, the focus of the spread – Wuhan city.

Russia decided to evacuate its citizens from the zone of the epidemic. The first buses with the Russians have already arrived to the airport of Wuhan city, and from there they are evacuated to Russia in the night of 5 Feb. The Russians, among the cases in Wuhan no.

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