scene from “Game of Thrones”

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in The end it went quickly. Over four seasons the night’s king (Vladimir Furdik, 48) “Game of Thrones taught”Fans, the Fear – until he met Arya (Maisie Williams 22). Spoiler warning: anyone Who has not seen the final season yet, should not read on.

At the climax of the battle of Winterfell, as the sinister Undead was in episode three of the final season about to reach his destination, jumped on him, the Stark-daughter, shoved her dagger through the armor, and the biggest threat of Westeros shivered into a thousand pieces. The army of the dead broke, their leader deprived, on-the-spot. Winterfell and his defenders were rescued.

< p > great logic-gap in

But how was it managed to Arya at all, the night’s king with such a huge set out of nowhere to jump? Finally, the youngest was oak Strong rather master in Disguise, and Conn, and not in the Floor exercise. The documentary “Game of Thrones: The Last Watch,” now brings light into the Dark. In one scene, she shows the producers Bryan Cogman (39), the reads from the script of the episode: “they (Arya, Anm. d. Red) jumps off of a corpse mountain, throws himself on the night’s king, and thrusts her dagger through the armor of the night king.”

This would be to jump clear how Arya was physically able to, the night’s king from a great distance. At the same time, the documentary reveals, however, a logic-gap. Because a corpse mountain was to be seen either in before the final scene. Someone would have to have it so specifically in a pile. And who should have had this in the middle of the battle time?



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