Rammstein have released a new music video

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Rammstein have presented a new music video. On Tuesday evening around 19 PM, the Clip went over to her Song “alien” on the Band’s new Album, online. With the Video for the Single “Germany” had shocked the Band around front man Till Lindemann (56) at the end of March. How provocative it is to become this Time?

One can first and foremost say. It’s not in the music video to the refugee crisis in Germany. The scandal-musicians seem to have more to do with the colonization of a historical subject made.

What to see?

The Band comes with a Dinghy on a beach and is welcomed by the African-looking natives. In the village the Locals arrived the arrival of the Strangers – the Band, which is presented in Colonial style, seems to be joyfully celebrated. In addition, Lindemann and co. are trying to the natives, their manners and customs to teach. As the Party is over, sting the musician with their Dinghy in the lake – only a band member is involuntarily left behind, and is crowned at the end of the video, finally, to the tribal chief.

– What is this Rammstein?

The Video is apparently to be understood as an allusion to the time of the colonization by the Europeans. For their provocative approaches known Band Rammstein is playing with various clichés and stereotypes that are nowadays remained from the colonial period are still left, and in the individual scenes come to the fore. Once, for example, Till Lindemann is to see how he is trying to the Locals to the Christian Faith closer to – in the setting he’s wearing a bright white Outfit and a cross around his neck, and quoted, apparently, from the Bible.

In the June issue of “Rolling Stone”magazine, keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz explains the intentions behind the Songs and music videos from Rammstein. “It is not our intention to shock people,” says the 52-Year-old. “We want to provoke people into motion. This is the opposite of Entertainment.”



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