“Gomorrah” Matteo Garrone ten years ago, famous. The film adaptation of the eponymous book by Roberto Saviano, with many international awards, picking up the Mafia movie to a new level. No epic-indulgent skills Grand cinema à la “The godfather”, but hard-cut documentary-fiction with young Amateur actors, whose violence goes back to the habitus recognizable to video game aesthetics, and Tarantino Splatter-pop culture.

Now, a new Garrone, this time a real movie with a real – and really good! – Actors, but, again, sinister, Italy. In a concrete, brutal-ist run-down seaside village, immediately to the scrapping of the Italian seaside resorts apply, hausen, people like the dog hairdresser Marcello (Marcello Fonte), by virtue of the goodness in Person. For viewers with a low affinity for four-legged friends, the Film uses spectacular and highly funny, a prelude to a magnificent dog salon scenes of funny cher Shampooing up to the monstrous claws cut.

The Dogman Marcello lives alone, separated from his wife and daughter. In the coastal town of ortsbekannte, quite often zugekokste Mafioso Simone (Edoardo Pesce) is on the loose, an Ex-Boxer who terrorized as the Dealer and the Consumer the all over the place. “You know how he is,” among the local business people come in all more bad than good about the round. In the Film, almost stage are Mature and like an acoustic leitmotif staged Simone’s performances with the heavy motorcycle that dominates the Scenery of the Ortspiazza.

In the Piazza you think now, please, not German tourists in the Cappuccino, but to bad urban planning visions of the post-modern, dirty puddles, run-down buildings. The Whole thing is set in a nondescript post-season. Beauty is something that people like Marcello on the Maldives tendons.

soon, Simone is planning his next caper, and Marcello is supposed to play during a break in a Villa, the driver. He is ruthless and animal-loving for such Jobs, shows itself in this early Phase of the plot, where he not only saves a dog, but with a bag of money for an answer.

The Drangsalierer Simone, however, can not be long with new ideas. Next, he wants to Rob the next door to Marcello’s dog salon-based jeweler – a night created opening in the Wall was the most normal thing in the world. Because of the good-natured Marcello refuses to to the police against Simone to testify, he lands himself in prison for one year. After the release from prison Marcello is all over the neighborhood as a traitor. Who robs his own business, neighbors?

You can see the dog salon owner, Marcello, you can loosen themselves from the presence of the Film face and neorealismo suffers trained (as before in the case of de Sicas “the Bicycle thieves”), that the dog sitter has become with the benevolent face in the whole place outlaw outsider.

And Simone? The Mafioso doesn’t think to Marcello in any Mafia (protection money) to show. Now, however, something happens with the decreased Marcello. He spins a Plan for the elimination of Simone. You help yourself, nobody else helps you. In the second half of the Garrones Film to a man-against-man-revenge drama that developed in his Exzessivität Showdown-elements of a real Thriller, and with a force that no one can escape the audience.

Alone among dogs: the faithful dog salon owner and father of a family from the beginning of a torturer in a dog kennel, a human beast, whose cruelty is just shocking: This is pure actor – a feat. For the spectators there are, however, not a conciliatory conclusion of the offer, he must endure the naked cruelty and asks which catharsis offers him now.

At the end: Shiver

Garrone rewarded with no clear interpretation. Maybe it is for revenge in this consequence, no meta-level. Only A Shudder. That the beast that has become Dogman drops the corpse of a Mafia Bully at the end, on the Central square of the social community, so like a dog to its bone, before the Lord, is a picture language monstrous reversal of the idea of master and dog.

in this respect, the Finale of “Dogman” would be a consistently played on the metaphor of the degrading structures of domination, the Mafia, which makes people obedient animals, and sometimes even beastly dogs? In cinematic terms, the Film is an experience, and the unbehauste scenery is at the end of final biblical-apocalyptic. But what will be the movie? A parable on the brutality of social relations? A Thriller? A Humiliation Portrait?


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