After the death of two students in Borgfelde has picked up the homicide investigation. The first findings of the investigator, according to a 29 was supposed to have killed-Year-old early Friday morning, shortly before 2 a.m. on the first of his six-years younger girlfriend and then out of a window on the ninth floor of a student dormitory at the borgfelder Straße jumped. Shutter button fact, it could be a dispute between the German and his Afghanistan-born girlfriend.

A watchman had discovered the lifeless body of 29-Year-old in the Parking lot of the dormitory and the police alerted. “In the Review of the apartment, they found the corpse of a young woman,” said a police spokesman. “This had injuries in the neck area.”

For the Two of them, help came too late. Initially, the police had assumed a advanced suicide. Family members and roommates have suffered shocks and were looked after by a crisis intervention team of the German Red cross (DRK).


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