Not on the street, but online, I discovered for the first Time on you: colorful ants from the wire popping up in different places. Under the name of ant__works, the artist has an Instagram page where he posted pictures of his hand-turned-insect of the genus. Most of the shots came from Hamburg, and more specifically of St. Pauli. I was excited and wanted to have one. So I wrote to the Account owner a message and asked me, where I can buy one. Pretty quickly I got the answer: “I don’t sell the ants.” Followed by the comment that I could get paid. Immediately it was clear to me: people I want to know more! Who gives away his art to totally strange people? And why??


The first contact and the most charming answer in the world …

©Screenshot Instagram Who is behind ant__works?

In November of 2015, David is come to Germany. The Bosnians, who saw in Zagreb, Croatia, studied in both countries, there is no professional future for himself. “For 80 percent of my Generation there was in Bosnia, has no place,” says the 29-Year-old, as we meet for a coffee and to the ant collection. A career in insurance, his original career Plan, no longer seemed to be the Right thing for him. “I am not come with the pace of life and the mentality in Bosnia, of course,” he adds. “These are very corrupt countries and very poor. By that I mean not only material poverty, but also the lack of culture.”

David wanted to get away. “But if you come from a country with low purchasing power, you can’t afford to just go to Jamaica or something,” says David. So he decided for a compromise and accepted an invitation from his cousin to Munich. He wanted to look, whether it is Germany like, if he could live here. He stayed three months in Munich before he went to Hamburg. “I stayed here,” grins David, he felt in the Hanseatic city. “This is where my art is born.” That was the end of 2016. His art, ants in the Wire.


If the new pet is made of wire, was a street artist David and has one of his ants left


The first ant was, so to speak, a commissioned work, says David. He had always been a tinkerer and hobbyist, and that’s why I turned to a girl with a desire to him. “You wanted to have a ant wire. I have used 20 or 30 Attempts, until I knew at some point: So it goes!” As he presented his first work of art to said girlfriend, you really huge. “That was for me the most beautiful gift,” he says. And David, the not want to see his last name published, was hooked. Joy with art that was spread exactly what he wanted.


With a wire on the ventral side of David attached to his “street ants”, because otherwise they would be taken even faster

©David “Social media are time wasters”

“two years Ago, I started ants to distribute in the streets,” says David. “A few months later, I began to photograph them. Because it is me to complicated was to create a Website for you, I caved and got myself an Instagram Account.” David is not a Fan of social networking because he finds that they eat too much time. “You start to follow other artists and see what they do, and suddenly you lose two, three hours a day,” he explains. “I have avoided for so long, how it went.”

David sees himself as a quitter, because he has to leave his home. But otherwise, he lives fully integrated. In Hamburg, he has made tens of Jobs to pay for his room and his life. “I worked in the warehouse, in the case of the Airbus logistics, in a time work company, and was for a long time as a janitor and go-to-girl in a kindergarten.” In the future, he wants to make the trade fair, Event and technical area independently.


they are hand-painted works from wire and coloured: In Hamburg, ants enrich the street scene

©David “It distracts me and makes fun of the”

“For me, my art is also a kind of therapy,” says David. “If you have restless fingers, it is often to the mobile phone. A fortiori, when one is alone. And that distracts me and makes it fun.” David has made it daily to make someone a joy, and so it is that he’s given away in cafes, the tip is also like an ant. “It fulfills me to see how excited someone is when you give them away.”

What he finds, however bad, is dealing with small installations on the street: you will be stolen quickly. A lot more people would have something like this, if you would just stay sitting there, where David has assembled. “Here, there are entire communities that celebrate street art. They spend their free time, the small works of art in the hill, to discover in St. Pauli and Altona,” he said. “I have several times noticed how much people were happy when they have discovered something. If it is nicked, you take the other, the joy.” So David hides his ants a little, so that they stay longer.


In the Balearic Islands: in the past, David has sprayed the ants, colorful, in the meantime, he’s switched to nail Polish. A friendly stylist give him your leftovers. “So you can also travel much better,” says David.


– So-humble David about his art speaks, as proud as he is. “I don’t know anyone in Hamburg, something comparable,” he says. In addition to the “street version”, which is just under ten inches tall, produced David also ants-mini-editions of fine copper wire. While he exchanges the large specimens with a nail varnish stained, be left to the little of your own Sparkle. To put your protection David tube in a small glass, which remind you of Hamburger bottle ships. The choice of his new home seems to RUB off on him.

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