Inexperienced car drivers is the sweat on the forehead, if you think of a traffic circle. Even worse-lane roundabout, even some of the seasoned riders before the challenges are more. Those who stick to a few rules, not to be afraid of, but.

multi-lane roundabout: Who should go first?

Before entering a multi-lane roundabout, you should make yourself aware of the exit you want to take. You must, for example, the first or second exit out of this, should you shift completely to the right on the outermost track.

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When a roundabout looks as scary as a marketing plan. …………. The Magic Roundabout in #Swindon, #England, was constructed in 1972 and is a ring junction consisting of five mini-roundabouts arranged in a circle around a sixth, central circle. Located near the County Ground, home of Swindon Town F. C. its name comes from the popular children’s #television #series The Magic Roundabout. In 2009 it was voted the fourth #to scariest junction in Britain. #magic round about #online marketing #advertising #seo #web design

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your goal Is a future exit, it is useful on the inner track. In this way, a good flow of traffic is ensured. You change in a timely manner on the outer track. Do not forget to reset when changing lanes the turn signal.

the lane change doesn’t Work immediately, you have to turn an extra lap in the roundabout. You remain calm and do not panic. If you switch abruptly, the track, increasing the risk of an accident. Cars on the outer lane have the right of way.

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The Magic Roundabout in England

One of the largest multi-lane roundabouts in the UK Swindon – called the Magic Roundabout, so the “magic roundabout”. This is the final boss of each car is likely to be a driver. He is not of one but of six gyroscopes. In the middle of a large traffic circle around the inner roundabout, five more ring-shaped.

five busy roads lead to the Magic Roundabout. So confusing he looks like, so successful he is, apparently. The traffic flows since the construction of supposedly clear liquid. Was inaugurated the traffic circle, already in 1972. How the Magic Roundabout works, you can experience in the Video below:

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