For some people it is a chore, for others something Good that you can do to the car: The car interior cleaning. We will give you tips for Cleaning the fittings and upholstery – without a lot of chemistry.

car cleaning: First, the pre-cleaning

Before you start, vacuum cleaner and cleaning cloths to unpack, have to be done a couple of basic things. All dust catchers such as mats and carpets should be removed from your car. They contain the most Dirt and distribute it in the interior.

Then it’s time to clean the interior: you suck the entire floor area and the seats. Especially where back and seat meet each other, most of the Dirt and dust. These Points you should pay particular attention. You can then devote himself to the trunk and if a spare wheel is also housed in the wheel pan.

If you have sucked all of these surfaces thoroughly, it goes to the thorough cleaning of the seat upholstery. These are dirty extremely, not enough Sucking alone. In the case, you can resort to chemical upholstery cleaners or home remedies. To read in more detail here, as you seats bring your car to a high gloss.

In the car interior cleaning, don’t forget: joints and cracks in the

Who wants to save time, the joints and cracks in the cleaning of the interior most of the time. They are often small and difficult to reach. The can, however, easily change, if you have the correct attachment for the vacuum cleaner. It should be as narrow as possible and with a small brush head to be provided. Alternatively, a simple color brush with soft bristles. In order to get relatively well in the cracks, remove dust and immediately.

But be careful: The holder of the bristles should not be made of metal, but plastic. Otherwise, scratches threaten in the equipment.

Also interesting: With these five tips, you can keep Salzfraß of your car.

car interior cleaning: plastic parts are clean

If you have gone through the first two points, it goes to the plastic surfaces. Faucets can be well with warm water and a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean. Wring the cloth well after you have it dipped in the water – it should be damp fog, and wipe the surfaces.

Problem in the Winter: So you loosen the brake a frozen hand.

do not Forget also, the cloth is repeatedly rinsed to remove the dirt. Otherwise you distribute the dust in the end, only instead of removing him. Of switches and other electronic Parts you should keep the water, however, remote. Use chopsticks in these Places, prefer a fine brush or cotton. The same also applies to the air vents of the vehicle.

tip: if water and microfiber cloth is sufficient, you can give a drop of dishwashing liquid added. Here you get a good without a house.

car interior cleaning: odors and hair with coffee & co.

include a clean car is not only shiny faucets, but also a good odor. Who, for example, is often with domestic animals on the road, must adjust quickly to unpleasant scents in the vehicle – not to mention the hair, the leave the four-legged friends.

for the animal, therefore, always a blanket, on which he can place and you should shake it out after every ride. To fight odors, a bowl full of vinegar, coffee grounds or sliced Apples briefly to remedy. This need to stay overnight in the car. To get rid of the stuffiness, however durable, is usually cleaning by a professional is necessary.

Here you will learn what to consider when you wash your car in the Winter.

Franziska Kaindl


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