Düsseldorf – During the DEL Playoff game between the Düsseldorfer eg and the Augsburger Panther, it came on Friday night, the 29. March, to dramatic scenes. The Augsburg player Christoph Ullmann (35) had swallowed after a Check of the düssel dorfer’s John Henrion (28) his tongue.

Christoph Ullmann floated on Friday in danger of their lives. How bad is the former striker of the Adler Mannheim after the rescue operation, at mannheim24.de*

Drama in Playoffs: DEG-doctor reacts quickly and Christoph Ullmann saves the life

The so-called swallowing the tongue (the tongue falls back) is life-threatening, because the airway is blocked. The physician of the düsseldorf EC, Ulf Blecker, responding, fortunately, very quickly, exposing the obstructed airway. “I have seen the from the Bank and had the bad accident of the German Handballers Jo Deckarm think many years ago in Hungary,” said Blecker, compared to RP-Online.

About the dramatic seconds he reported: “When I arrived with him, had Ullmann already blue lips. It was clear that he had swallowed his tongue. I had to decide quick as a flash: The tongue had to be coming from the neck but since he was already when you fall unconscious, there was the risk that he will suffer when you get Out of the tongue is a cross-sectional paralysis. But without the Intervention, he would be suffocated in no time.“

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Christoph Ullmann tongue: coach Stewart were the tears in the eyes

Blecker later told the two coaches of the dramatic rescue operation. Harold circle (60, DEG) and Mike Stewart (46, Augsburg, Germany) were visibly shocked. Blecker: “Mike, the tears stood in the eyes. At the same time we were relieved but all that thing is good.“

On the following Morning the doctor was on the phone but again with Ullmann in the hospital: “he’s quite good. However, he is shocked properly, because to him through the reports of the colleagues and managers only became clear how close he has come with his life.“

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