Starnberg is A short circuit in the substation in Starnberg has been cut off in the night on Sunday at 1 am, around 10,000 households in the district of Starnberg from the supply.

“Due to the failure of both transformers measures for the re-supply of extensive Switching. On adjacent umpannwerk areas are the first affected households could be supplied.

power failure in the night: at 6 PM was a fault in the Region of Starnberg

resolved According to a first analysis on site is also one of the two transformers of the substation back into operation could be taken. Against 6 o’clock in the morning, all the households were supplied,“ said a Bayern factory speakers on request.

failures there were in Andechs, Feldafing, Tutzing, Starnberg, Pöcking, Pähl, mountain and Seefeld in the period from 1.04 PM to 6.12 PM affected.

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