Draw – will travel: by the IDC will be space for street artists

the Initiator of this proposal is the conventional passenger: Aleksey Protsenko placed the proposal on the crowdsourcing platform of the Moscow Government in the framework of the project “Moscow Central diameters” and was awarded her diploma from the experts. The idea to use for “legalized” graffiti wall transitions WDC came to him while walking around the city.

– Now in Moscow the fact of the matter is you can find very beautiful painting-graffiti on the walls of houses or stands with exhibitions and interesting materials in the parks of the city, – says Alexei. – It is obvious that art can truly beautify the interiors of the Central diameters. It will be a match to the project, I actively use the IDC, I really like the positive changes in the stations and trains.

In railway, needless to say, there is something attractive to graffiti: street artists a long time and in all countries to train on walls and fences. And if the bullies must be fought, for these artists need a platform and audience. It is in this sense the idea of Alexey Protsenko: to give freedom of expression the most talented street artists and at the same time to please the audience. Because IDC transitions daily, there are millions of Muscovites and residents of the area.

the Project “Moscow Central diameter” is one of the most active in the crowdsourcing platform of the Moscow Government. From 21 to 30 January 2023, the project participants have submitted more than 2700 new ideas in three categories: “Comfort on trains”, “communication and navigation”, “Filling stations”. One of those ideas that are already implemented: large font in the navigation, the trash cans at the stations of the IDC single mobile app for all types of transport.