Church-Roth – The driver got lost on Monday morning, the control of the Transporter, the vehicle was crashed into the middle guardrail and overturned, police said. The Transporter has remained on the roof lie. The Transporter was loaded with a car and a small truck, two vehicles, a total damage.

The A3 was closed between Wörth an der Donau (district of Regensburg) and bell-Roth (district of Straubing-Bogen) in the direction of Regensburg. According to police, the recovery should take at least four hours. In the accident was injured, according to initial findings, no one, the amount of damage was still unclear.

the police announced, were dropped several Gaffer out of their cars to take pictures of the accident. The work of the police has not been affected, according to the.

+ Gaffer positioned on the noise protection wall and pulled out their Smartphones.© Alexander Auer


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