Munich – Due to the Pink concert in the Olympic Park, the police secured the surrounding streets. Part of it was Lock. Motorists were able to turn to the example of Spiridon-Louis-Ring just to the right.

The entry from the Spiridon-Louis-Ring to the left, into lerchenauer Strasse was blocked by pylons for the. Around 18:15 p.m. a 23-year-old Munich with his Taxi drove on the Spiridon-Louis-Ring.

At the entrance to the lerchenauer Strasse, the 23-Year-old wanted to turn to the left to navigate to the lerchenauer Strasse in the direction of the North. The taxi driver drove into the mouth area, holding it in front of the Barrier and then soared to a Column, to clear away, so that he could continue his journey to continue.

Munich: During Pink’s concert in Taxifaher ignored lock and moves deliberately to police

A 30-year-old police officer who was in charge of the shut-off measures, went up to the 23-Year-old, spoke to him and explained to him the need for transport measures.

The 23-Year-old ignored rose, the police officer in his vehicle and drove off. The police officers stood in front of the vehicle to continue the journey of the 23-Year-old to stop. This did not last however, but drove his vehicle to the police officers.

The taxi driver pushed the police officer with his vehicle to the side and invited him briefly on the hood. In this case, the police was injured, officials easily.

The taxi driver away with his Car in a northerly direction. He was stopped a short time later by a police patrol in the lerchenauer Strasse. The 23-Year-old is now determined due to a dangerous interference in road traffic, as well as a dangerous personal injury.


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