Since today it is available in German stores and online shops: Juul, the E-cigarette is vaporizing in U.S. high schools allegedly on Schulklos. It is small, is filled with liquid whose vapor to Apple, or Mango tastes and exercise seem to have a special fascination for minors. You are allowed to buy by law, by the way, neither in the USA nor in Germany. But above all, as much nicotine as in any other is in Juul-Liquids. How harmful is it? The most important questions and answers

All of the questions in the Overview: What exactly is Juul?
What is the Problem in the USA? How prevalent are E-cigarettes at high schools?
How are German children and adolescents for the E-cigarette?
How many young people smoke?
to Help E-cigarettes to Quit? Why fascinated Juul young people?
How unhealthy is Juul? Where can parents and young people inform themselves?
see More exactly What Juul is?

Juul is an E-cigarette, so an evaporator, with a liquid containing nicotine is inhaled, also Liquid. A nicotine rush without the tobacco. Fill the evaporator with capsules (Pods), in which the liquids are stuck. It comes in fruity flavors, such as Apple or Mango, but also with tobacco flavor. On the market Juul came for the first time in 2015 in the United States. The Design of this evaporator is similar to a USB Stick and the device is comparatively small. When you VAPE an E-cigarette no smoke is produced, generally, as with the Burning of cigarettes.

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What is the Problem in the USA?

The number of Minors, the E-cigarette vaping, has increased dramatically. And, although the evaporator and Liquid capsules in the United States is relatively expensive, and according to Federal law – as in Germany – only to people from the age of 18 are sold. With more than 70 percent of the market share Juul makes a significant contribution to ensuring that children and young people use E-cigarettes. This success makes the company a competition for tobacco companies such as Philip Morris or British American Tobacco. The distribute itself increasingly E-cigarettes as an Alternative to tobacco products.

the spread of The evaporator in schools have reached the “proportions of an epidemic,” wrote the head of the US pharmaceutical authority, the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, in September. Then he went to the media to be effective against the company Juul Labs, made at the company’s headquarters documents seized. Should present the company is not convincing measures on how to protect minors from Juul, threatened by the FDA chief to revoke the manufacturers licence. The result of the test. In the meantime, however, Juul has not announced plans to sell e-Liquids that taste about Mango or cream in stores, so the company came to an announcement by the FDA previously, to prohibit the sale of such sweet flavors in shops and petrol stations.

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How common are E-cigarettes at high schools?

most recently, the Institute for social research at the University of Michigan published a report in the New England Journal of Medicine on drug trends among youth (National Adolescent Drug Trends to 2018, pdf). It is based on data from a large-scale and state-funded long-term study, for the researchers since 1975 twelfth graders, and since 1991, also Eight – and tenth-graders to ask annually their use of drugs.

according to This study, 21 percent of the U.S. said last-nior, within the 30 days prior to the survey, E-cigarettes, vaporizing. In the year 2017 there will be the usually 17 – to 18-Year-olds have been eleven per cent. Meanwhile, every fifth student use in the last year before the high school graduation E-cigarettes. You count those, the only Liquids vaping with taste, but without nicotine, the proportion is even at almost 27 percent (compared with 17 in the previous year). In the same period, the share of which decreased, the conventional cigarette Smoking of almost ten to just under eight percent.

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Also common among the Younger E-cigarettes is growing rapidly. Deposited in 2017-eight percent of the tenth graders nicotine, were this year already twice as many. “The current rules and measures, young people from Vaping to stop, have not used,” said the sociologist Richard Miech, and lead author of the study. Students reports on the net that they are become by Juul in a short time addicted to nicotine. In the USA, available, refill capsules, E-cigarette, contain 50 milligrams per Milliliter of liquid, more than twice as much nicotine as in Germany approved would. Accordingly, the potential for addiction.

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How are German children and adolescents for the E-cigarette?

So exact Numbers from the USA, it is to not yet. A few years ago, the first studies showed that young people in Germany, are curious, and sometimes an E-cigarette a try. However, this was especially the case for those who had previously smoked. According to a survey by the German cancer research center (DKFZ) from the year 2014, showed that every Fourth of the boys had Smoking inside and smokers tested between 16 and 19 times E-cigarettes. The motive behind this could be the search for a less harmful Alternative. Or even the desire to over-Vaping, ultimately, from the nicotine to get away.

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Smoking How many young people?

most Recently, the Smoking rates had declined among young people in Germany according to the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) to a historic low. Before E-cigarettes on the market, it was rapidly declining. Accessed in 2001, 27.5 percent of Twelve – to 17-Year-olds to the conventional cigarette, there were, according to the latest Numbers from the year 2016, only 7.4 percent. Also of the men and women between the ages of 18 to 25 Smoking now significantly less.

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Help E-cigarettes to Quit?

The science network Cochrane Collaboration has come in a survey on the knowledge that the E-is able to support a cigarette in the Cessation (Hartmann-Boyce et al., 2016). According to the researchers, this could work, maybe even just as good as with a nicotine patch. The gathered studies were, however, small Subjects, and were therefore only conditionally meaningful.

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Why Juul young people?

Scientifically, you could not examine the in the three years since the U.S. market introduction. However, the developers of the E have a built-in cigarette a couple of pretty unique Features that Juul for minors exciting. It flavors the E-cigarette in sweet fruit, is no coincidence: after all, children usually like to no bitter substances, according to gross, the most of coffee, alcohol or cigarettes. Similar to alcopops sweet drinks superimposed on the alcohol taste, it is in this case with the E-cigarette: it come without the typical smoke out of the bitter tobacco taste – unless you are buying with the intention of such a flavor. In order for the evaporator to meet the General more to the tastes of young people than cigarettes.

In the case of Juul, the purist Design in addition, which is why some refer to it as the “iPhone of E-cigarettes”. The evaporator is small, and a USB-Stick confusingly similar to, a for the Users of practical side-effect: anyone Who deposited secretly in the classroom, can be deceiving teachers easily.

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