Mr Kirn, you are the boss of the Inverse. Inversely, no man knows, and yet people like you for the Sharing to work at all. How is it that a company from Siegen became the world leader of new mobility services?

We were very early at the Start. The first Inverse-the product was created in 1993 – even before the founding of the company. Our founder, Uwe Latsch, invented to study the times of the first automated car sharing System. In the 1990s, we have assisted clients that have built-in Sharing systems. We do not operate in the Sharing business myself. We are a Mobility-Tech Company, we develop the technology behind it.

Since 1993, it has changed the Sharing idea. With providers such as Airbnb worldwide brands have been created.

In our Segment, the mobility, came in 2008, the breakthrough with the first Free-Floating car sharing from Car2Go. With this renunciation of fixed stations, a new idea and momentum came into the System. Today, we offer worldwide support for the entire spectrum of vehicles on the E-scooter of Emmy to E-scooters.

E-Mobility electric scooter from Scuddy – a faster streaker By Gernot Kramper

Sharing has always had a positive Image. This has changed radically, as the Chinese vendor showed up and their scrap bikes everywhere stood around. Now there is again fear of Scooter-trash in the cities. The is entitled?

no. I don’t think it “will be abandoned” Scooter. For a number of reasons. It is also about the price. An abandoned, forgotten vehicle in a car by nature.

Right, no one will be a BMW just so he rots.

Exactly, even in the case of an electric scooter the product’s price is still very high. And also an E-Scooter is too expensive, as the operator does not have to take care of the devices. A fleet of functional scooters is its business Foundation.

so you say, so the operators will take care of …

The you, but not you alone. Unlike in the case of bicycles, the E networked-Scooter always. We deliver not only Software, but also the telematics. This is a Box that connects this E-Scooter with the Cloud. In order to maintain order in the city, helps our technology. These vehicles are always visible. Not only for the operators, even the municipalities and authorities can, if you create the right environment, access to the data and identify where devices are and what to do with them.

the Benefit of municipalities, these possibilities already?

Los Angeles has imposed on the operators of the services, interfaces provide. The city can therefore see exactly where the Sharing scooters are just. Thus, it can not be such problems that a Park will be full. I don’t think there will be a city full of homeless E-Scooter, just lying around.

When an electric device such as the E-Scooter there is also a large difference to the Sharing of Bicycle the outlet.

Exactly, the E-Scooter must the operator take care of. It can’t be helped. Because most of the time the battery is in the evening empty. Over night you have to collect the vehicles, to load it. If the operator makes, then he can place the next Morning at the Hot-Spots, which he can identify by using the Software.

This is of course a considerable expense and a cost factor, but it can happen, that Scooter be sometime in remote zones of beaches, where you can pick up any more?

Yes, the E-Scooter, you can operate a Rebalancing System. To drive a car at night from point A to point B, is very time-consuming. In the future with Autonomous vehicles alone. But as of today this is not so. It’s not worth it frequently. In the case of the E-scooters that looks quite different. The can be in the morning, exactly where the customers are.

small scooter Unu-scooter – the quick and cheap E-mobility for the City

The scooter is shown, as can be easily electrically on-the-go. The Unu scooter is not as fast as a two – stroke stink but on top of that very cheap

Gernot Kramper

From cities where there is already Sharing travel Scooter, there are complaints about a nuisance to other road users by an Armada of scooters.

Also this doesn’t have to be. Whether a city has too many scooters, not only to the operators. It is also not a question of our technology. This is a question of regulation. A municipality must now ask: How many E-Scooter Sharing, I want to allow? I’ll leave it all alone to the operators, there may be too many.

you say: Here the policy is required.

Yes, this is a question of political will. Where I put these devices and how fast you are, are political questions. We offer with our technology support. You can very simply define areas with a reduced speed. Then you can drive, for example, in a pedestrian area, only seven kilometers an hour.

You could also say, in certain places, such as the St. Peter’s square in Rome, not allowed to ride a Scooter even with the Motor, so Tempo is Zero?

An area like a pedestrian street or the forecourt to a Cathedral we can define on the data from the GPS. This works very reliably. Currently, we are working to distinguish the sidewalk and bike path from the roadway of the street, but the work is still not sufficiently precise.

Vespa Elettrica Now, the Vespa comes with electric motor – but who buys the E-scooter? Gernot Kramper

It is very much talked about Scooter. But these devices are not a panacea for urban mobility. They are use only for very small distances.

On the Scooter the spot light of the Public is now, the Scooter is just one of the many building blocks of the new mobility. In many cases, a Scooter is the Right thing to do. They come out of the car and don’t want to wait for the next Bus for the last two kilometers – then a E-Scooter is very practical. This is an area that has not been well served.

There are bicycles for the short distance. The are, however, bound mostly to stations and not have to drive mostly with a Motor.

Yes, and since the E-Scooter will be added now. For some scenarios, an electric scooter like the Emmy’s the Right thing to do, for other needs, you will need a large vehicle. Because each city needs to look at what Mix will you have really. In order to offer for each movement request, the right of locomotion. This is ultimately becausethe big promise of the Sharing.

The electric Bicycle does not appear in your universe, although it has in the consumer market, but the greatest success. Why?

This is an interesting question. We believe that the issue of micro-mobility is very strong, and as Pedelecs were a part of. But our strength as a company lies in the area of “dockless” mobility. So Sharing without a fixed location. The large bike-sharing systems mostly work with fixed stations, so this is not quite our focus.

What do you mean, why the provider not long ago with a Pedelecs or a rise there is only now like Uber in London slowly?

In the case of Pedelecs, as in the case of the E-scooters also must prove the robustness of the Sharing use. It is important that these vehicles be designed from the outset for the Sharing, for the private user to the end of the day, but otherwise with his property. The initial situation in the Sharing is so different. A Pedelec from the Store would not be the right solution. But also, this area will come slowly but surely.

critics say: Wait and see – let’s see what remains when the first Scooter-to-noise is gone.

We believe in the Sharing idea, otherwise we would not do what we do. It simply makes a great many people a lot of fun to drive with these devices.

If the E-emergence of scooters in the city, are other people curious, so a little try it for yourself. Not everyone will stay, but many. We see how the number of trips increases, the is enormous. I think that Scooter users are open to other Sharing services, which helps in a result, of course, the concept of Shared Mobility as a Whole.

Many fear an accident the shaft by means of the Scooter Boom.

there are of course a number of factors. E-scooters are new now, and because you have to get used to. Want to wear a helmet? You have to wear a helmet? What can we do as a technology provider, is about to help regulate the speed limit in certain areas. Crucial to optimize the overall urban infrastructure for the small transportation is but.

Which is not expanded in Germany. In addition, the Bicycle driver’s actions, now the Scooter will be added.

In the area of micro-mobility in the world is working on many concepts that will come in the future on the streets, and many of them go stronger on the factor of safety, as the E-Scooter. However, if you do not wish, that more people are driving with your own car in the city, you must change the communities. The E-Scooter can be seen that the user demand is there. People like to go with a small vehicle and have to pass on the big car. Now you have to decide the policy, how much room should get the micro-mobility in cities.

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