Eight people were killed in clashes in Kazakhstan

Photo: video screenshot telegram-channel SIL0VIKI

Eight people were killed in clashes and fights in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, reports TASS with reference to the Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Turgumbaeva.

“during the riots, several dozen protesters received injuries and gunshot wounds. Eight people from injuries, unfortunately, died,” said Turgumbayev said.

Besides, was arrested 47 people involved in the clashes. They were taken to the police Department.

“they seized two hunting rifles,” said Turgumbayev said.

In December in the city district of the Czechs was a fight that ended with the stabbing. Between the warehouse workers got into a conflict in which was put a knife. As a result of incident three persons suffered. As reported, all the victims were hospitalized.

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