Literary world: Writing a new novel?

Elena Ferrante: I always write, this is my way of killing time. It is not to say, however, that what I write should be published. I never had a real urge for publication.

Literary world: In your book, the Neapolitan dialect is not really explicit. In the TV series he is a lot more pronounced. How’s that for you, when you hear your lines now in the Neapolitan dialect?

Ferrante: Rather unpleasant, especially in very violent scenes, and at the same time it is positive. This unpleasant feeling, so how Elena feels, it gradually builds up with an extreme effort, and then breaks out of the quarter of the town which is in the book is also of Central importance, but rather a certain cadence: I’ve avoided to imitate the really harsh Neapolitan dialect. In the movie, one needs, of course, the sound. I edited in the scripts at first, everything in Italian, then in dialect.


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