In case of doubt, for the accused: In a German criminal trial, no one would have the idea to make this ancient principle in question. However, while before the court must be dispelled doubt as to the guilt, the public opinion of your judgment faster.

The suspicion that the Saudi government let the critics Jamal Khashoggi murder, is swiftly dealt with as a fact. Accordingly, the longing for Immediate sanctions such as the withdrawal of the major economic conference on Future Investment Initiative, which takes place in Riyadh.

– With four Western “strategic partners” adorns the conference, two of which took on Tuesday, the heads of the list of Speakers. Mastercard and Siemens. Their CEO Joe Kaeser “in dubio pro reo” for the Saudis to apply, until Further notice, with a presence in Riyadh is planning to very much demonstrates backbone.

more backbone in any case, as it consulting companies show, all of which are booked as a “Partner” in the FII. The otherwise talkative advisers from PwC to Deloitte, they would try to, in the case of Khashoggi wegzuducken – by adopting a “No comment” just in a collective moment of silence retreats.

The non-political large-scale enterprises is a fiction

you, the self-thought leaders of the economy said that does not seem to have understood that the idea of an apolitical company is a fiction, if Western values are challenged on a broad Front. of all places

“service is service and brandy is brandy,” was the Motto with which corporations previously in business with tyrants have made: politics and the economy have been shown in spaces as non-overlapping life. Long ago, in corporate offices, and high gloss are written reports about the many activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. Of a “Corporate Political Responsibility”, however, the speech is not.

You block a post, it says on demand: “change through trade”. Too bad, that this idea of China is falsified, such as Russia. And maybe soon Saudi Arabia. However, there is still: when in doubt, for the accused.


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