environment difficult hazards such as air pollution or extreme temperatures in the EU, people in regions with high unemployment and low income. This was the conclusion of a recent report by the European environment Agency. Especially areas in the South and South-East of Europe, but also in some districts in the Western member States are affected accordingly.

The environment Agency announced in its report a number of reasons. Thus, socio-lived economically disadvantaged people because of a more favourable Rent are often in regions with much traffic and industry. There, among other things, the burden from fine dust is greater, which can lead to inflamed Airways (Bronchitis) and other lung diseases. The situation is similar for nitrogen oxides, which are discussed in Germany at present, again. So about 20 percent of low-income cities have been identified in Italy, the nitrogen oxide values, which are above the European limit value.

fine dust What is air pollution?

Dirty it is outside by pollutants from different sources: industry, road transport, agriculture, energy production and nature itself. The cleaner the air is, the less likely people suffering from seizures to strokes, heart disease, lung cancer or respiratory disorders such as Asthma. Also people have proven to be longer, if you can breathe fresh air. The medical journal The Lancet (Landrigan, 2017) estimates that air pollution is worldwide, approximately nine million premature deaths.


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