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In the London borough of Hackney has taken root under the S-Bahn cafe Tempesta, a cosy cave with worn leather armchairs. The host has a bushy mustache and cut up the oranges for the freshly squeezed juice personally. For him it is a special day: For the first Time, he serves the juice with a metal straw. Unfortunately, one of the regulars explained to him immediately that a metal straw in the production cost as much energy as 10,000 plastic straws.

It’s that time again, the well-intentioned attempt to save the world, to slide only in the next Ökodilemma. Not worth mentioning, were it not for this strange activity in the cafe Tempesta. In the morning, someone comes in every few minutes through the door and disappears in the back, without ordering anything. The Café has a back exit, and is something like platform 9 ¾ in Harry Potter novels: the access to a magical world. The men and women go a few steps across the yard, open a barred door, go up a flight of stairs and put in a large room, office, workstations with two screens. There are lawyers, and what are you doing here, is a kind of green magic.

This Text comes from the TIME magazine 2/19 KNOW. The current issue you can buy on newsstands or here.

you have stopped in Poland, the logging in the Bialowieza forest and are drawn against twelve planned coal-fired power plants in court. You have three times sued the British government, because of their air quality plan to lax, and three times won. Training of Chinese judges in environmental law. They offer energy companies and the fishing Lobby in the forehead. On the account of the attorneys, the driving bans will go for diesel cars in Germany, and you have set the Straw is prohibited in the EU.

This is the next Level of Operation world rescue. The first Level is the science. She writes reports that nobody reads. The second Level is the policy. She decides agreements, which no one followed. The third Level is the Public. 50 tips on how you can save the world. Has not kind of worked out. So, Level 4: the lawyers.

Max Rauner

has been discussed in the new client earth branch in Berlin with the head of office Hermann Ott on the driving bans in German cities. How to go to Ott’s opinion in order to continue, you KNOW, in the TIME-Podcast.

client earth is the name of the non-governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters in London-Hackney. In the office carefully, the waste is separated, are Bicycle helmets in addition to cereal glasses. The view on the Park, London Fields and his squirrel. The conference agreement named: Rio, Nairobi, Montreal, Paris, Stockholm, Aarhus spaces are to the environment. From here, skyping, lawyers for the 67 law and lawyers with allies all over the world.

you have studied at Top universities around the world, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Berlin, London, Paris, Warsaw, Yale, and many have worked for large law firms and global corporations. Today, you have only a single client: Planet earth. Most earn less money than in the past. Your Bonus will be measured not in pounds or euros, but in meaningfulness. Recently, client earth, has opened an office in Berlin.

environmental sounds to protect it using paragraphs, although hardly original. Conservationists are delaying large-scale projects like using rare animal species. Bechstein’s bat, crested newt, great bustard, lesser horseshoe bat, everything recorded Blockade-animals. But the lawyers client earth. In the conference room “Rio” give you TIME for two days of insight into the act of saving the world.


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