Dinner On Thursday Evening (28. March 2019) overdid it a Lebanese wedding party in the centre of Essen, self-indulgent. Against 20.50, the company met in the Bottroper Strasse and held a wild car Corso. Only through the Intervention of the police, the insanity could be brought to an end.

Lebanese wedding breaks all the rules – the observed witnesses

During weddings, every now and again a blind eye, saw the officials in this action, a black. Compared to the Online-Portal of The West, a spokeswoman for the police said that hundreds of civil servants was necessary in order to bring the “celebrations” under control. Local residents, alarmed, worried the police, as the wedding party tires with screeching and loud Honking by a 50-Zone catch.

witness statements, according to the Corso, crossed-driver with around 25 cars always speeds and insane lane changes have taken place. Then, you should have parts of the Bottroper road, literally with their vehicles sealed off, so that the two luxury wagons provide a car race.

Also interesting: Raserin moves twice as fast as allowed – as a police pursuit that absorbs, reacts, curious.

To wild “celebrations”: the police in the car, Corso & co.

Of the 25 cars, only eight were at the Arrival of the police however left. But the two alleged driver of the car race and the Bridal couple, which was sitting in a third car. The luxury automobiles were seized by the officials, as well as the driver’s licenses. Two persons identity to the station – according to The West, the groom was among them, since he could not identify. Thus he could only appear too late for the wedding ceremony. The bride was brought by the guests there.

see also: racer with 181 instead of 80 on the road – on the same day it gets worse.


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