the messages in The Short Overview:

Facebook: Not celebrated Again millions of customer data to the public (22.07 PM)

with the family: a singer in Tajikistan sentenced (15.45 PM)

Juncker, for compromise in London for a further postponement of the Brexits (14: 41)

a New EU procedure against Poland (12.34 PM)

jihadists with double-pass is withdrawn from German Staatsbürgerschachaft (10.47 PM)

the number of recipients of Basic income support increases (8.46 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 22.07 PM: millions of Facebook customer data in public Cloud servers from Amazon available +++

Sicherheitsxeperten point to a new data breach at Facebook. According to the US broadcaster CNBC, the company has saved approximately 540 million customer data on databases from the Amazon. The Cyber-security company UpGuard, according to the users data on Cloud servers of the Online store accessible to the public. Facebook acknowledged the error and stressed to CNBC that Store data on public servers of the companies speaking policy. The incident is said to have already occurred in January, Facebook has announced that together with Amazon on the Problem worked, as soon as the data breach was known. UpGuard want to have the end of the month still publicly accessible data on the relevant servers found, according to CNBC

+++ 19.11 PM: Continue the detention of Russian national team players after brawl +++

The two Russian soccer players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev due to a possible involvement in several fights another half a year in custody. A court in Moscow extended the pre-trial detention until 25. September, as Russian media reported. The investigation against the two footballers to take several months. The two should have attacked in October 2018 in Moscow, a number of people and injured. Fans called for protest actions in the coming week in the Russian capital, the release of the football-challenge Stars.

+++ 18.14 PM: Half a ton of cocaine in banana cartons at discount stores +++

an employee of a discounter in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern cartons have been discovered in Banana, large quantities of cocaine discovered. It was there, on the whole, just under half a ton. “I am very sure that this is the largest amount of cocaine ever to have been in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern found,” said a spokeswoman for the land criminal police office of the news Agency. It was discovered the drug in six of the country branches of the discounter as well as in the warehouse. In the banana boxes from Latin America had been packet in addition to the fruits of the Cocaine. It was assumed that the bananas were delivered by ship to Germany.

+++ 18.14 PM: infidelity is suspected: Department of defense works councils ads +++

wants The defense Ministry due to irregularities in the Central IT service provider of the Bundeswehr (BWI) criminal charges against a number of councils. In the face of evidence that there had been an inquiry report of the company the remuneration arrangements for members of the works Council, explained a spokeswoman of the Ministry. According to research by the “Bild am Sonntag” received several BWI-works councils for years of excessive salaries. Of Euro 20,000 extra a year per Person operating internally. The company is said to have sponsored the workers ‘ representatives also service the car, the report says. Officially, the Details have not been confirmed.

+++ 18.10: Til Schweiger the scene plays again, “” on the island of Neuwerk

The actor Til Schweiger and Fahri Yardim another “Tatort”-episode turn and sniff

North sea air. The Film generated the largest part of the Hamburg belonging to the island of Neuwerk in the Wadden sea off Cuxhaven, on the North German broadcasting. Will shot up to 25. To see April, the strip is expected in the coming year, in the First.

+++ 17.43 at: Instagram Account, of Harry and Meghan crack record +++

With her new Instagram profile, the British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have set up in the shortest time a world record: The Account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gathered in only 5 hours and 45 minutes since its inception, a Million Followers, such as Guinness World Records announced. In such a short space of time yet no one had reached the attention brand. The previous record holder, the K-Pop singer Kang, Daniel arrived with a Selfie the Million in less than twelve hours, quoted the British news Agency PA Guinness World Records. Your Account includes as yet only the opening Post with some photos of events from your life.


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