The leader of Over Country, Íñigo Errejón, does not rule out being prime minister of a Government headed by the socialist Pedro Sanchez. So has affirmed this Monday in an interview in RNE, but has pointed out that that is not the goal of the political force it represents. Errejón has explained that “not rule out anything”, but has stressed that “it is not for that” for what is presented to the elections of 10 November. To your trial, there are a number of measures that have to be implemented in Spain and “the rest is accessory”.


What is the effect of the vote of More Country and the PP on the forecasts of seats? The via crucis of Errejón in the Assembly Errejón proposes to “tax the rich” to raise 10,000 million per year

The secretary of Organization of the PSOE and minister of public works, José Luis Abalos, has also rejected the idea that Errejón may form part of a Executive of Sanchez when asked about it before you participate in an event in Valencia: “nothing is ruled out. What is important is that the country is in these elections by a blockade, and the issue is to avoid more locks”. The best option to do so, he added, is to vote the socialist party.

“we have said clearly: for us the red line for a progressive Government is not the place we occupy us. That is talk to you, but it comes after”, has been argued Errejón. That was one of the founders of we Can, what “fundamental” are the tasks that you have to take the Government and, therefore, has highlighted the fact that Most Country will not be an impediment to form an Executive after the election. On the demands that he would be the socialist candidate, Pedro Sanchez, to give the support of More Country, Errejón has put on the table the need of a pharmaceutical company public, increase the nursery schools public and proposals against climate change.

on the other hand, has reiterated that he does not believe that the PSOE think, to agree with the right after the elections —as it has said the candidate of United we Can, Pablo Iglesias, on repeated occasions, but that “it would be better for the clarification”. In addition, he added that Sanchez “should explain to the whole world if you want a progressive Government, or otherwise, if you are thinking of flirting with Paul Married”.

finally, Errejón has called on United we Can to clarify “if you are willing to invest a progressive Government” or “if you would be willing to repeat elections” in the event that the number of ministries may not seem “enough”. In this line, Errejón has concluded that More Country it is necessary “to unlock and to ensure a progressive Government”.

Ábalos: the coalition is sometimes possible and sometimes not

Ábalos has stated that the elections held in April, the PSOE almost doubled in the number of seats to the second party with the most votes, the PP, and the citizens showed their preference for a “progressive Government that has as its flag the social justice and the distribution of the benefits”. But at the same time the polls showed that no one is going to be able to govern without support “in a long time.” In that context, has said the socialist leader, “in some cases the lack of an absolute majority will enable coalitions and in other cases, not.”

Ábalos has been considered that the time has since quickly the reason to his party regarding their position on the last negotiation: “The only option to have achieved a majority was with we Can and with the abstention of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya. Imagine how we would be faced with the situation” generated after the judgment of the procés, has added the owner of the Promotion before participating in an event organized by the Business Confederation of the Community of Valencia and the newspaper Levante-EMV.


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