The trial against José Enrique Abuín Gey, alias chewing Gum, has been suspended until the next November 11, due to the impossibility of forming the jury. In the morning of this Monday was scheduled to the constitution of the people’s court in the presence of the lawyer of the family of the victim and of the legal profession that represents the author’s self-confessed of the death of Diana Quer. But the act has not been able to be completed not achieved the minimum of 20 candidates that makes the law of the jury, a figure from which the parties cannot be ruled out.

Today, Monday, were cited in the courts of Santiago de Compostela, 21 people chosen by lottery for the selection, but four of them were outside. A woman did assert his right of exclusion by having 67 years, since who wants to can walk away if you have after the age of 65. Two other people filed medical certificates (in one case, by accident), and another was refused by the defence, which he felt would not be impartial in this trial. The sixth section of the Audience of A Coruña (based in Santiago) now opens a new process for calling other people in the province and will be taken to the selection day 11, with The Gum and the parents of Diana Wanted to provide his statement on the 12th.

at the moment, the candidates are valid, that are maintained for the selection by the parties are 17 people, largely female: 11 females and 6 males. According to the Tribunal Superior de Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG), the new drawing will take place immediately and will take up to 11 candidates to the jury to validate among them, the three that will complete the group essential 20. “There will not be this time pending prior presentation of excuses because there’s no time,” warns an official spokesperson of the Superior Court.


‘Gum’ put to the test to forensic What are the chances that they apply to the permanent prison revisable? Chronology of the ‘case Diana Quer’

Abuín will have to answer for one of the crimes most of the media in the last few years, the disappearance and alleged murder and rape of the young madrid-based Diana Poker, by facing it, as the author confessed, the penalty of permanent prison revisable. The process will take place more than three years after the disappearance of Pokers, on the 22nd of August 2016, when he returned to his vacation home walking distance from the festivities of the town in la coruña, To Pobra.

At the exit of the courts of Santiago, this morning, the family’s attorney, Quer, Ricardo Perez Lama, lamented that the awaited trial has changed date: “we are All tired,” he admitted, and the greater disorder is “for the parents, who have spent years suffering.” Juan Carlos Poker and Diana Lopez-Pinel, the parents of the victim, traveled from Madrid to testify Tuesday morning in the trial when they met the news of the postponement.

The father shared yesterday a profile picture of Diana Quer accompanied by a text: “Diana, the trial begins against your self-confessed murderer, but don’t do justice, because any sentence will be life. Every night I hear your cries of distress from inside the trunk of that car, every night I feel over your death my life”.

The trial for the illegal detention, murder, and the alleged rape of the young woman, who was 18 years old, with an initial list of about 90 registrants, witnesses (50) and experts (40) of which 15 will be forensic. Abuín has confessed to the judge the homicide and “involuntary” by strangulation, but even before the Civil Guard arrived to say that he tried to rape her without success, before the instructor said that he had not “touched” the girl. The defendant, 44-year-old, the play of the permanent prison revisable, the penalty to claim both the Prosecution and the private prosecution, brought by the parents of the victim, for the alleged crime of murder linked to a violation. The result of the trial hangs over all of the legal medicine and of the particular circumstances in which Abuín endeavoured to conceal the traces of his crime.

from the 11th of November, when the establishment of the new jury, the trial will start with the statement of the defendant, on a day that is also expected to be involved as witnesses the parents of the victim. Later there will be four sessions in which it shall be declared more than 50 witnesses, including relatives of Abuín Gey, acquaintances of the victim, carnies, police, local divers who participated in the reconstruction, agents who reviewed recordings and tracks or neighbors.

After take place of the expert, in that they will declare 40 experts. Among the evidence that will be analyzed is the identification of the defendant’s vehicle captured by the camera of a gas station, a report of imputability of the accused, a report handwriting, the analysis of the tracking of the mobile phones, or the analysis of fingerprints and the biological remains in the vehicle of The Gum; in addition to the forensic reports, which will close the sessions. Finally, approximately two weeks after the commencement of the trial, will be given to the jury, the object of the verdict, after which will start the period of deliberation behind closed doors until you come to a decision.

The story of the events

In the car-opening process, the provincial court established as fact justiciable The Gum addressed during the early morning hours of August 22, 2016 to the victim where this is heading home for the ride Areal, in A Pobra do Caramiñal.

After intercept it, tells, the defendant introduced to Diana Quer “by force” in the trunk of his vehicle, “where you hold it with a flange and the amordazó with duct tape”. Of procedures carried out also follows that the defendant, allegedly, threw the mobile of the girl by the window of the car when I was crossing the bridge over the river, to the height of Taragona (Rianxo, A Coruña), where he was located months later.

Finally, after driving 17 miles and get to a ship abandoned industrial located in the place of Roasts, Rianxo, a car, very raw and detailed in the description of the facts, believes that Abuín Gey raped Quer while the young man was “laced, subdued and terrified”. To hide these facts, he strangled her to death and threw the body into a well full of water, to which he returned after a few days with a few cement blocks to lastrarlo and prevent emergiese.

The trial of the sexual assault

One of the key points in this case resides on whether Diana Quer suffered a sexual assault, as they defend both the Prosecution and the indictment, which exert their parents, and as argued by the auto opening of oral proceedings. This circumstance would be needed for that, along with the crime of murder, José Enrique Abuín was sentenced to dand permanent prison revisable, that you are asking to him the family of the victim and the public prosecutor’s office.

In particular, for the crimes of illegal detention and sexual assault, the prosecution asked for chewing Gum penalties of 20 and 12 years imprisonment, while, for the murder with “malice” and “relentlessness” of the young, always linked to the previous crimes, calls for the permanent prison revisable.

at The same time, seeks compensation for the parents of Diana of 254,000 euros, to which are added other 36,000 euros for his younger sister. Among other issues, in the case of being released from prison, he asks that they keep a restraining order on the family of the young for a period of 10 years, as well as the prohibition of residing or visit To Pobra and the obligation to participate in a program of sex education.

For its part, the private prosecution, exercised by the parents of Diana, has requested that José Enrique Abuín Gey is sentenced to permanent prison revisable for the kidnapping, rape and murder of the young woman. In your writing, consider chewing Gum guilty of the crime of illegal detention, sexual assault and murder.

it Also claims compensation for the families of the young madrid 300,000 euros, the establishment of measures of expulsion and prohibition of communicating with them for a period of more than 10 years to the sentence.

Abuín Gay is currently serving a sentence in the prison of león in Mansilla of the Mules, although it has been moved to the of Teixeiro (A Coruña) for the trial. Is sentenced to two and a half years for participating in a pattern of drug trafficking led by his uncle (a previous case of the death of Diana) and five years and one month for abduction and attempted sexual assault of a woman from Boiro, in 2017.

The complaint of this victim, that he remembered the model, and part of the tuition for the Alfa Romeo that was used by The Gum, was the one that precipitated his arrest as a suspect in the disappearance of Diana Quer.


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