Escobar's hippos have upset the ecosystem in South America

Photo: depositphotos/Photocech

the Population of hippos imported to South America by drug Lord Pablo Escobar, has a negative impact on the local ecosystem. To such conclusion came the scientists, the results of the study which was published by the journal Ecology.

In the material indicates that Pablo Escobar was released from the African rhinos, giraffes, zebras and other exotic animals for your zoo. After the death of drug Lord nearly all the animals were moved, however, four Hippo ran away into the jungle. Now the number of their population reached 80 individuals.

According to the researchers, most of the day hippos spend in the cool water. Waste their life activities, they changed the composition and quality of water in the region. In waters where hippos settled, the experts recorded a higher level of organic matter. In the water actively develop bacteria and algae.

While the number of hippos in the future will only grow. This situation is causing serious concern of scientists, because hippos are very difficult to catch.

“In the next twenty years their could be thousands. This study shows that it is necessary to decide what to do with them until later. It is much easier to find 80 hippos than thousands,” conclude the experts.

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