Is always for a noble drops: Sting

©Fabio Diena / Shutterstock.com

is Also not regarded if he, singer Sting has now 67 years old. In the context of his new album “My Songs” has spoken of the British musician and actor, among other things, about him, despite his long career in the industry have remained normal and alcohol-related completely crashes so far spared. Sure of himself, he asserted in an Interview with the “Welt am Sonntag”: “I will never become aggressive, lose control when I’m drunk.”

Sober, he don’t live but, quite the contrary. He may take alcohol very much. “I can be very funny when I’m drunk. My wife Trudie says I was then overcome easily.” And also the one or other Song had been tipsy, so Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, as Sting with citizen’s real name.

Sometimes it can help when writing songs even, to be under the influence of alcohol – “you [will] be more receptive to what you’re listening to this, if someone tells you his story, or you tell your own.” No wonder, then, that Sting can call a winery in the Tuscany of his Own.



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