Berlin (dpa) – traffic jams on the rail network, deficiencies in the vehicles and The passengers of the Deutsche Bahn had to wait for 2018 more common on late cars. Every fourth long-distance train of Deutsche Bahn has been in the past year too late.

average for The year, reached 74.9 percent of the ICE, intercity and Eurocity their goals on time, as the train announced. So missed the traffic group available beginning of the year goal of 82 percent. This had to be abandoned rail chief Richard Lutz in July, at the same time, a turnaround in the second half of speaking, but not entered.

On the main line Berlin-Hanover, travelers starting on Saturday (12. January) to 17. May up to 30 minutes longer driving time schedule. Reason, the renewal of the signalling equipment on the route. The ICE can drive otherwise a speed of up to 250, during the construction of only 160 km/h are allowed, explained the railway.

the Lowest value since 2015

compared to The previous year (78.5 per cent) fell in the year, punctuality of 3.6 percentage points. After weak previous months, the railway increased its output in December 2018.

In the last month of the year, 76.9 percent of the long-distance trains arrived on time, were 6.5 points more than in February, 0.5 points more than in the same month last year, the best level since February. In transport, 94.0 percent were achieved, an increase of 1.7 points compared to November. Also in the year as a whole, the transport landed, including the S-Bahn at 94.0 percent. For all day-to-day of the year value of 93.5 percent to 94.1 percent in the year 2017.

The year of punctuality for long-distance transport of 74.9 percent is the lowest value since 2015. In the past ten years, the railway in 2009, achieved the highest punctuality with 81.2 percent. At the worst it ran the year of 2010 at 72.4 percent. The rail enhances your trains up to a delay of less than six minutes as punctual.

disruptions and bottlenecks

made of the reasons for the high delay rate of the web in its annual balance sheet. In the course of the year you had mentioned but a lot of faults on the infrastructure and the vehicles as sources, reinforced in the long hot period in the summer. Added to this were the storms, snow and ice in February and March, as well as special events such as a major fire in Kassel in July, a fire at Siegburg in August or the nation-wide warning strike in December.

The railway has, however, conceded also in-depth internal problems: bottlenecks on the rail network include numbers in the face of increasing passenger and staff. to get

To punctuality and service quality in the handle, has placed the group’s Executive Board to train chief Richard Lutz, a program “for a better railway,” and in November, the Supervisory Board is presented. 15. January to explain to Lutz, the package of measures the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) at a Meeting. This year, he wanted to hear, “how do we get noticeable improvements early in 2019”.

significant investments in digital positioner and control technology were Required: “We must avoid that interference will trigger on certain corridors and numerous other faults in the entire network,” said Scheuer. In addition, there had to be a better Management for the maintenance to the ICE, but also freight cars were faster error-free in operation.

Punctuality figures Deutsche Bahn


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