When the cold Season comes, then some car goes on strike, the faster times. Therefore, drivers need to apply at lower temperatures, more time for the proper care of the vehicle. Particularly, with regard to the Wash, many uncertain: Should be driven in the cold at all in the wash, or rather not? Here you will get answers.

car wash in the Winter: Yes or no?

Many drivers avoid the car wash in the Winter to protect the paint. In fact, Philipp Schreiber from TÜV Süd recommends to the German press Agency that the car should be washed in the Winter more often than usual: “The pollution is simply higher.” The many road salt eats in to the paint and makes it faster to rust, dirt and moisture do the Rest. The ADAC is not recommended, however, to travel more often to Wash in the summer months. As a precaution, you should relocate the car cleaning, but on days where plus temperatures.

Where should be washed the car?

The risk at the car wash in the Winter is always, that the cleaning water freezes on to the car and, for example, doors can be opened. In fact, this happens relatively often if the vehicle is washed, and the moisture does not have time to dry properly, before it comes with the cold air in contact with it. The Problem can, however, mitigate, when you visit a car wash, as it is well heated and the car can therefore dry better.

it is Particularly important that you take the pre – wash- this salt residues are removed from the vehicle, which could ditch, otherwise in the paint. A steam cleaner rinses the granular layer from the car down.

Also interesting: So you will keep your car battery in the Winter.

car wash: in the Morning, afternoon or evening?

For the car wash you should go to the best in the morning, in the car wash, says Schreiber. Thus, the vehicle can dry throughout the day before in the evening, the temperatures fall again and the risk of Frost increases. Who has a heated Garage, not the Problem.

Is an under-floor Laundry necessary?

Generally recommend to Wash the underbody in Winter, and especially after the Winter to remove road salt. However, the under-floor Laundry goes in the washing systems are often less advantageous, since the water penetrates into areas where it causes more harm than Good. In addition, Laundry, in the machine car, mostly hot water is used, what is counterproductive, since it also contains salt.

Better it is therefore, the soil washing by Hand with a steam cleaner. Set the beam on a medium strength and aim directly on the encrusted Bodies, electrics and moving Parts you should keep your distance. This can be rather clean with compressed air.

: you need to look for in winter tires.

headlights in the eye

When it comes to the car wash, you may forget the headlight. Usually, you will mitgesäubert in the washing program of the washer – but you can also take a regular look at your lights. Device too much salt, fades the luminosity – and this is just in case of fog or darkness is dangerous.

Before the Winter: preparing your car before the

On the best you see to that before the onset of winter to ensure that your car is fit for the cold temperatures. They will create, according to the TÜV Süd, by washing the car thoroughly, polishing and waxing. Then the car is protected for ever from future tons of salt and moisture.

Here you will learn how to seats your car using simple home remedies clean.

Franziska Kaindl


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