Update of 29. March, 13 PM: Now more Details to the injury of the 26-year-old Karl “Charly” Bagusat, the oldest son of Stephanie Gräfin von Pfuel. He is said to have suffered multiple internal injuries and multiple fractures in the collision with the Mercedes and the van. Family spokesman Christoph Walter said the “Old-Neuöttinger indicator” to suggest that his heart had stopped on Wednesday against 21 o’clock.

Further, the spokesman for the image said that the Doctors had done everything “in their Power”.

Charly Bagusat founded as a Startup entrepreneur together with a friend to the “plus Peter GmbH”. They distributed educational manuscripts for students.

Update vom 29. March, 9.30 PM: As the newspaper writes, is also the home of the family, the market town of Tüßling in Altötting, in shock. Charly was popular for the people there, some were even crying, as the image she wanted to ask. The funeral will take place in a very small frame. A spokesman for the image, said: “The funeral service will be held in Tüßling in the closest circles of family and friends.”

The corpse of Karl “Charly” called, will driven in the hearse from the Berlin Charité clinic in the South.

After the death of the son of Charly: Stephanie von Pfuel and the family in shock

Update from 28. March, 21.51 clock: mourning for Karl Bagusat, called Charly, the Wednesday evening at about 21 o’clock died of his injuries, he had suffered a week earlier in Berlin as a pedestrian in a violent collision with a car. The son of Stephanie Gräfin von Pfuel, the by a commercial for Eduscho nationwide as a coffee-Countess was known only 26 years old. As Christoph Walter, the speaker of the Countess, told to our newspaper, the whole family is in shock. “It all happened so brutally and unexpectedly,” says Walter, “His mother and all the siblings came to the hospital, they were able to say goodbye to Charly.”

Stepahnie of Pfuel had been the whole week with him in Berlin. The 26-Year-old was from the Doctors, been placed in an artificial coma because of his internal injuries and fractures were too severe. “We all hoped that he survived. But he was no longer responsive. It was just too much.“ Still, Stephanie von Pfuel, in Berlin, where she has an apartment, but Charly was to be buried in all of the cases in Tüßling. Here, the family is the castle of the Pfuels and here the Countess is since 2014 the mayor. A date for the funeral is not yet fixed.

Berlin police confirmed: son of Stephanie Gräfin von Pfuel died

Update from 28. March, 11.45 am: As the Berlin police announced in a press release, is deceased is the son of Stephanie Gräfin von Pfuel. The 26-Year-old had died of the serious traffic accident on Wednesday, his severe injuries.

Update from 28. March, 08.00 am: Since two days, there is no further information of the family of Pfuel to the health condition of a son, Charly. The 26-Year-old had been injured in an accident in Berlin, where he lives, dangerous. Further Details were not known. Whether Charly is hovering still in danger of life or already on the mend, was not known.

Update vom 26. March, 15.14 PM: Charly von Pfuel, son of Stephanie von Pfuel is treated in a Berlin hospital in intensive care. The had informed a spokesman for the family of Gala. In addition, both parents would be located in the hospital. Further, it States, “you are fighting for his life”. The 26-Year-old was seriously injured and not yet out of the woods. Gala.de cited a spokesman of Stephanie von Pfuel with the words that it was very serious.

From image (paid content) called Stephanie von Pfuel directly to word: “We are in great concern”. And: “If it goes well, then he still has a long way to go before”.

Acute danger to life! Son of the “coffee-Countess” Stephanie von Pfuel of two cars to drive

Our articles of 25. March, 2019:

Berlin – it is a dazzling personality, a committed politician and benefactor for the SOS children’s villages: Stephanie Gräfin von Pfuel, mistress of the beautiful castle Tüßling in the district of Altötting, in 2014, the mayor of the eponymous market town. She became known through a coffee commercial for Eduscho. Since last Wednesday, but the 57-Year-old heavy hours: Charly (26), one of their six children, in a traffic accident in Berlin-Mitte seriously injured.

Berlin: Charly von Pfuel of two cars

Wednesday evening at 19.30, it happened: The 26-Year-old wants to cross the Chaussee road. However, he is captured by the black Mercedes of a 23-Year-old. Charly collides against the hood and windshield, from there, he hurls further into the oncoming lane. There is a Fiat comes to meet just-Transporter, at the wheel of a 23-Year-old, this vehicle captures the body. Seriously injured the son of the Countess remains are – he suffered according to the police, severe head injuries, to the hospital.

accident cars show clear traces of the fierce impact, The windscreen of the Mercedes is chipped, the side-view mirror of the Fiat was demolished. The exact accident course of events, the Berlin police are now investigating. Immediately as Charly’s mother, Stephanie von Pfuel of the accident, learns, hurries to Berlin, where they assists since your son.

Stephanie von Pfuel: home community in shock

In your small village of Tüßling, but where the Countess brings in for many years politically and citizens to exquisite garden and Christmas markets and stunning concerts in the castle Park invites trepidation the people with her. Everyone is hoping that Charly is allowed to leave the hospital again soon.

Charly, a brother and four sisters, is professionally very successful. He is the co-founder of the company, plus Peter GmbH in Berlin – a now internationally successful company that cares about learning scripts for students. From his office, plus Peter Charly came, probably, as he crossed this Wednesday on the road. Now he is in intensive care.

Stefanie path

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*Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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