What are the country-men and -women are the worst when you are on vacation? To this question there are already a number of polls. Amazing results: Often tourists for tourists from the same country of origin to be ashamed of.

German tourists: are we Ashamed of ourselves?

four o’clock in the morning to get up to the Pool deck to reserve around the craving with a towel, with socks under the sandals for a walk, and in every location of the holiday is always beautiful with any one language to speak – English, quite clear. So much to do to meet the cliches about German holidaymakers, but this? Are we to endure German tourists really so hard?

Well, Yes, “bad” is subjective, sure. But when it comes to bad Behavior, are the Germans to agree: According to a Yougov survey, 93 percent of Germans are of the opinion that to expect tourists to a certain Behavior. 81 percent are not ashamed even in front of the own country people, if they know a good to behavior. Is the Problem of the “bad German tourists” so the house? After all, the British sense of according to a study by the German as particularly rude. The other way around it looks not much different, see below for more.

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tourists from the USA are feeling bad

in the USA it seems that the Americans themselves would be the greatest critics. Because according to a study by the Portal, USA Today reported, gave Americans their own people as the worst tourists in the world. In addition, Australians and Canadians were not considered in addition to the American tourists.

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Russian tourists: too loud, Too drunk, as at least the German

What is Russian tourists, the hulls of the German tourists at ease immediately, the nose. According to a survey conducted by the portal “in the holidays”, find German tourists Russian in the Twelve-country comparison, namely the most annoying. 60 percent of respondents said Russians are in the holiday were being too loud, 56 percent complained about alcohol binge, and 50 percent echauffierten about bad manners.

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British tourists drinking too much, says the German

According to the Russians, the British Tourist is annoying the German traveller. According to the survey of “the holiday” fall on the English, Scots and Welsh, namely, in the case of 58 percent of the Germans are particularly adversely affected by their alcohol consumption. Funny thing is: The own alcohol consumption á la ball man, at least, all of the German tourists complain about in the survey.

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