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sparkles as the sky at night to read? It is mainly sun, the star-Gazer at the sky, Thousands of lights. Hidden from view at least as numerous, but not even the radiant planet, that to these distant stars, circles remain. About 4,000 of such Exo-planets – solar systems, which are not our own – have discovered researchers in the past decades. Using sophisticated technologies. Some of the new Exoplanet in the catalogue of astronomers today already, no message value. Most of the circles already stars in millions of light-years away. Too far for a visit, or more accurate observations of the earth. Now, however, a Team in the science magazine Nature (Ribas et al reported., 2018), once again from a special new arrival: pulls his orbits around Barnard’s star – one of the suns, the are our the next.

Barnard’s star is not a giant, astronomers refer to it as the Red dwarf star. The same stars as in our sun burns, it’s just much cooler. “For the discovery of a new planet, the stocky size of red dwarfs has its advantages,” says Martin Kürster Max-Planck-Institute for astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany. He is one of the authors of the Nature publication. Planet of the measuring instruments, namely, because you move the sun a little bit. Not only as a sun attracts the planet and keeps him on the circular orbit, the planet’s mass, “crazy”, the sun. For observers, it looks as if the Planet is shaking a bit on its sun. The bigger a Planet is and the smaller its sun, the stronger the measurable Shake. Therefore, the major planets are to track red dwarves a little easier.

sun system What is a Planet?

From the sense of the word a Planet a umherrschwirrender celestial body. In order to be considered, according to the Definition of the International astronomy Union (IAU) a Planet must meet these three criteria:

1) It moves in orbit around the sun.

2) Its mass is large enough to keep it in hydrostatic equilibrium. Say: He is approximately spherical in shape.

3) It is the dominant object in its orbit, which means that he has cleared with time, by the gravitational field of everything else out of the way.


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