The one known as dark mode, a design of computers and mobile devices through which it dispenses light colors for ease of reading, continues to be imposed and Facebook does not remain outside this trend. A few weeks ago, Instagram, one of the star products of the company, he premiered his display in the above-mentioned mode, and now all eyes have been focused on Facebook and in other products in the home, such as WhatsApp. And it seems that finally, Facebook has begun to implement such a mode, though gradually and by a small number of users.

it Has been through social networks as are known to have the first tests of the new way of viewing the part of the firm of Mark Zuckerberg, which gives you an idea of how complex it is to apply this new distribution of color. It is worth remembering that Apple has spent months and a whole leap of version in iOS to present finally and officially your new interface dark. The first who have enjoyed the new dark mode confirm that they have done so through an invitation in the web version of the product that has come as a notification.

Mark Zuckerberg. Carlos Jasso REUTERS

Facebook announced a new design of its products at the beginning of the year in his conference f8, and the social network confirms that this dark mode “is part of the redesign of Facebook that already announced by the company in its world conference of developers and is beginning to be implemented”. This face wash promises to the users of the social network to find content more quickly, a visual look “cleaner and with bigger letters”, and something which certainly will appeal to many: following the reading of the wall at the point at which it left off.

This last will be very well received as the algorithm of the social network is scheduled to offer new content at all times, an advantage that can become a double-edged sword because if the user leaves for a moment, the display of the wall, the back will lose the content I was reading. Those who receive the possibility to test this new interface -in beta – will have the possibility in the initial setup of choosing between the dark mode, or keep the clear. And the first thing you will perceive who try the new redesign is going to be an inevitable Twitter-like, to the point that it can get confusing in a first glance.

This new way of viewing is still in testing phase and will appear gradually on the web version of the screens of the users of Facebook. There is a way to force the application, as it comes randomly.


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