After a random knife attack on a cyclist in Lingen has identified the police of two young men as alleged perpetrators and arrested. Against the 18 – and 19-Year-old will be determined because of the attempts of joint murder, police said, in the lower Saxon town on Wednesday. The two men had admitted the fact, the police in a communication.

police: cyclist was a “random victim”

The 44-Year-old was a “random victim” with no Links to the Suspects, the sit now in custody. The two German nationals are to dragged the woman in the night to Sunday on a part of fields lined with dimly lit street from your Bicycle and with a knife severely injured. The attacker fled when the woman cried loudly for help.

The victim had been in the night emergency surgery. Her condition was stable, she was out of danger, police said.

details of the possible motive of the two young men did not want to tell the officials and the competent public Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück on demand of the star. To made of the circumstances which led to the identification of the two Germans, the Prosecutor’s office, no further details. Except: The arrest was not conducted in the immediate crime scene near the end, is been to by a witness statement, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück to the star. Whether, and in what connection the witness or the witness to the suspect could be left open to the authority.

fs / AFP


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