February in Moscow will begin with the abnormally warm weather

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Beginning of February in Moscow will be unusually warm, according to the hydrometeorological center of Russia.

on Saturday, 1 February, in places will pass a light snow. The night temperature in capital will fall to a maximum of -5 degrees to -7 in the area. During the day she will rise to -1…+1 -3…+2 respectively.

In the night of Sunday, February 2, expected precipitations. In the afternoon they will increase to moderate in the form of wet snow and rain. The night gets colder to -2…0 -4…capital and+1 in the suburbs. The afternoon will become warmer to 0…+2i. The wind gusts will reach 15 meters per second.

Little rain and above-zero temperature will remain in the city and in the beginning of next week. The portal “Meteonovosti” reports that the frost can get back to the city in the middle of the first decade of February. According to preliminary estimates, the second five days of the next month promises Sunny and frosty weather.

There have confirmed that the upcoming weekend will be unseasonably warm. On Sunday, the indicators exceeds the norm by almost 10 degrees.

the Average temperature during the two winter months in Moscow amounted to 0.4 degrees above zero. This is the warmest period in the history of meteorological observations.

January 2024 may also become the warmest in history. The average daily temperature in the city during this period ranged from minus 4.8 to + 3.4 degrees.

on 29 January it became known that the height of the snow cover in Moscow increased to 8 inches. Snow began in the night of Tuesday brought the city six millimeters of precipitation. From the 30th of January, they will again increase and will end on Friday. With the beginning of the year in the capital fell 49 millimetres of rain at the rate of 42 mm.

the Capital’s municipal services translated into enhanced mode. On special control are taken the condition of roads, pavements and squares of the braking before the public transport and on the way to him. Specialists treated roads and sidewalks deicing materials.

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