In the Federation Council commented on the new US sanctions against Russia

Photos: Moscow 24/Roman Balaev

Member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Oleg Morozov commented on the extension of U.S. sanctions against Russia, reports RT.

He called it a political act. The Senator said that it’s a signal that the US does not like the continuation of development of the Crimea by Russia. No consequences from the point of view of the economy will be, he concluded.

the press service of the company “Grand Service Express” (included in the sanctions list. – Approx. ed.) operator railway traffic from Moscow to the Crimea, said that US sanctions will not affect the activities of the organization. It was explained that work on the territory of the Russian Federation, the restrictions will not affect them.

the United States has included in the list of sanctions against officials of the Crimea. In particular, restrictions imposed on the acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaeva, the speaker of city legislative Assembly of Vladimir Nemtseva and the Senator from Sevastopol Catherine Baltabaeva.

21 Dec began to act US sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2” and “Turkish stream”. They are a Swiss company Allseas has stopped the laying of the pipeline under the Baltic sea.

the Ministry said that the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela helped Russia increase in physical expression oil export in 2019. It grew by 3.8%.

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