Fedor Puzanov: as an Orthodox priest fought in the great Patriotic war

Heroes 26/03/20 Fedor Puzanov: as an Orthodox priest fought in the great Patriotic war

an Orthodox priest Fyodor Puzanov during the Great Patriotic war saved hundreds of villagers from stealing to Germany. He scored half a million rubles for the needs of the front, and in the end was “not a lot”.

Honored sir

Father Fyodor (Puzanov) is actually was a knight of St. George (3 cross and a medal as Chapaev). As written, the candidate of historical Sciences, Saint Petersburg state University, I. V. Petrov, a future priest in the First world war deserve the George cross (2nd, 3rd and 4th degree (plus medal 4th degree)) for bravery shown during the battles.
About the exploits of an Orthodox priest to his churching little is known, we only know that deacon Fedor Puzanov Buguruslanskiy was dedicated by Bishop Alexis in 1923. 3 years later Bishop Peter and Paul John (Trojan) ordained him a priest.

had Served in the camps for 3 years

the Priest Fyodor Puzanov almost immediately after conferring hierarchical status put (“by definition”, for affiliation). Writes I. V. Petrov, father Theodore came back from the camps in 1932. The details of the stay of the priest in Guage not preserved. But enough evidence of his behavior in the great Patriotic war.

a Forgotten hero

So he is considered many of those, who knows what the priest did for the people in the war. The newspaper “Izvestia” writes that father Fyodor (Fyodor Puzanov A.), born in the family of a Church reader, has always been uneducated. Pskov local historian Michael Shkarovsky reports that during the Nazi occupation, priest gathered with the villagers for the war half a million rubles (the money). And means through Partizan was transferred to Leningrad, – the creation of a tank column.
Father Fedor has not fought with weapons in their hands, but judging by historical data, not waste time in the rear. The priest in 1942 established Kontacts by partisans, which, in addition to helping with food, even gave his cow. Historians argue how much weight was the material contribution of father Fyodor in guerrilla warfare (tank column “Dmitry Donskoy” – allegedly, this is him, father Fyodor, the brainchild after making by farmers 500 thousand rubles).
As he wrote “Izvestia”, the medal “partisan of the great Patriotic war” II degree was awarded to the father, Fyodor it is for “economic” support of guerrillas, organized during the Nazi occupation.

the Saviour of men

But the priest was distinguished not only and not so much of it. According to “Izvestia”, the priest was led away from slavery, about 300 farmers gathered by the Germans to be transported to Germany for tradebot. Father Theodore in 1944, wrote in a report to the Bishop that he “gave the command” to go to the partisans in the rear than the “we just saved ourselves.” Details of this action are hidden in the archives, but as the priest still managed to pull off this operation, this action is by definition a matter of respect.
… After the war, father Fyodor (Puzanov) has undergone “for the truth” a lot of hardship – he took away the deanery, priest slighted and humiliated by Church members. No one ever merits of the priest in the great Patriotic war at the proper level not honored. Father Theodore died in 1965 in the Novgorod region and buried near the temple, where he was rector for over 15 years.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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