How many deported to Germany of Soviet citizens fled to the West

History 26/03/20 How many deported to Germany of Soviet citizens fled to the West

Over the years of the great Patriotic war in captivity were about 5 million Soviet citizens (data of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, published in 2005).

Of them 4,559 million military personnel and about 0.5 million citizens have not yet had time to enroll in the ranks of the red army. Which of these people were shot by the Nazis, and who were sent to concentration camps and were later destroyed or stolen in Germany, it is impossible to establish. Many of the prisoners, and to this day listed as missing.


the Total number deported to work in Germany, the Soviet citizens – both civilians and prisoners of war – 5-5,5 million (according to various researchers). The Germans called these workers “Ostarbeiter,” which means “Eastern worker”. Appeal of the command of the Third Reich with Ostarbeiters and the attitude of the Germans was reflected Nazi ideology the conquest of new living space for the “true Aryans” and the systematic destruction of “sub-humans” of Slavic origin.

This was expressed in the task to take each of the Ostarbeiters to the maximum at minimum costs. Fed Slavic workers so that they not only died, but were forced to work for wear.

the Exact number of survivors in Germany, Soviet citizens by the Nazis was not provided. It is estimated that there were about 3 million. Approximately 2.1 million “slaves” of Nazi Germany died from starvation and overwork. When it was certain that many of the survivors Ostarbeiters after the victory of the Soviet Union in the homeland did not return.

the Issue of the number remaining in Germany

the Most difficult question is how many former Soviet citizens after the defeat of Hitler preferred to remain in Germany and to assimilate with the local population. Historians provide different numbers as underTNO: many voluntarily remained in Germany chose to hide this fact for fear of persecution by the omnipresent KGB, and similar security services.

In the USSR officially talked about them as killed or missing. Party propaganda could not prevent the spread of rumors that the citizens of the “world’s best countries” beloved homeland might prefer country-Sherman. And yet these people were not just, and there were many.

historian Grigoriy Krivosheyev, who has studied the military archives, estimates that about 1,783 million troops from among the captives never returned home. What part of them were shot and starved by the Germans in the camps, and some emigrated, can not be set.

Prisoners of war defected to the enemy are considered traitors and sentenced by the Tribunal to death. It is quite clear that none of these people were not going to advertise their residence abroad after the war. Many of the immigrants were given asylum in the country, seeking to inflow into their territory of highly educated professionals (scientists, engineers, PhDs, doctors).

According to official data, from 5.3 million taken by the Nazis of Soviet citizens in the USSR back roughly 2.7 million people. About 451 thousand left for various reasons abroad. All the rest died. Independent historians say that the number of immigrants is much more. The same Krivosheev indicated that their about 1.8 million.

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