“There are occasions in which the presences acquire a meaning more important than words; in which, through attitudes, they also expressed deep convictions and feelings,” said the King in the Awards Princess of Girona, on the Monday night in Barcelona. “And today is one of those occasions, one of those important occasions,” he added.

Felipe VI, his wife and their two daughters left this afternoon the Catalan capital, putting an end to a visit of little more than 40 hours. In the Royal House there was satisfaction and relief.

circumstances had conspired to complicate the visit up to limits unimaginable a few months ago: in the midst of an election campaign and amid a wave of unrest in Catalonia unprecedented in recent years.

The manifestations of the parties independence and the atmosphere of hostility generated in part of the society forced them to detain the royal family within the complex formed by the Palace of Congresses and the hotel Juan Carlos I, in a bubble of security reinforced by the Autonomous police and the National Police, who just left to come and go to and from the airport in a caravan of vehicles.


The King warns in Catalonia that violence and intolerance will not fit in a democracy, The princess Leonor exhibits his mastery of the Catalan in Barcelona Aragonès charge against the visit to Barcelona of king Philip VI, “the grandson of political of Franco”

Despite this, according to government sources, at no point was raised as to suspend the visit. On the contrary, it was considered “more necessary than ever in these moments.” Beyond his words of rejection of violence and intolerance, the message of Philip VI, it was his own presence in Catalonia. “He has been where I had to be”, say the same sources.

The head of State has demonstrated that no one can vetarle and prevent its presence in Catalonia, even in the most difficult moments. The fact that it has been accompanied by his two daughters, moves, in addition, a message of tranquility. And the fluid Catalan exhibited by his daughter Eleanor, the heiress of the throne, unanimously praised, is a gesture of closeness on the part of the royal family.

otherwise, the sessions have been developed according to the plan, without which the protests have altered the program. The demonstration that cut off the Diagonal avenue, on Monday afternoon, hindered the arrival of some guests that did not make use of the bus chartered by the organisation, but failed to fill an auditorium with 1,300 seats.

The situation on Tuesday was because of complete normality in the vicinity of the enclosure. The King was the most early riser to attend, sitting in the audience, to the plenary session, under the title “talent attracts talent,” brought together promising young experts are already consolidated. They were later joined by the Queen, and their two daughters, Leonor and Sofia, before split into different conferences.

The four ended up in a workshop devoted to devising measures to combat climate change: the team were part of the King and Eleanor devised a classroom where the electricity were produced by desks with stationary bikes, while the Queen and Sophie raised to illustrate the bags in the supermarket with pictures of cormorants killed in the interior of which appreciate plastic particles. “Pedalling to sustainability”, he sold his idea to the King, become a publicist. “Would you buy this mesh of mandarin oranges?”, he asked the companion of the Queen. “We will leave”, finished she.


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