Feminists in Russia offered to pay matkapital childless

Feminists in Russia need to set the payment for the childless

Representatives of the childfree movement, who deliberately refuse to have children, should receive maternity capital, say feminists. According to them, once there is support for families with children, therefore, must be for the childless, the TV channel Moscow 24.

However, those who raise children, do not agree. According to Nina and Alexei Kovocevic that the birth of the second child 550 thousand rubles, the money is very necessary to families, as the salary goes to child support.

“Even here for the mugs to pay. 4.5 thousand is twice a week to go,” – said Nina Mogucheva.

to Give the parent capital childfree families invited feminists. One of the women’s portals, they took the initiative to allocate the same amount and those who gave birth, and those who are against procreation.

“how about you all just give money, but it really will improve the overall financial situation of each, and see which of them will really give birth in the presence of 450 thousand already in his pocket, Yes, no,” said feminist Elizabeth Goupil.

Themselves childfree couples say that to any money claim they are certainly not going to.

Helgus New and Victoria Bashkirova said that the best support for these families, is when no one is trying to influence their views.

the Fashion for a childless life began in the USA in the 70-ies. And every year of such couples is increasing. In Russia, according to VTSIOM, 6% of the population consider themselves to be childfree, and yet 10 years ago these did not exist.

Earlier, labor Minister Anton Kotkov said that the maternity capital will provide on the basis of birth records in the Registrar’s office.

Families with incomes less than minimum wage to get child support from three to seven years, only need to write a statement.

According to the Minister, this will need to organize electronic interactive WHIistie regional bodies of social protection with the Registrar and tax authorities.

Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly stated that parents will have the right to receive the parent capital at a birth of the first child.

the program netcapital proposed to extend until December 31, 2026. Payment for the firstborn will be 466 thousand 617 roubles from 1 January 2023, for families with two children 616 617 thousand rubles.

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